Impact training has long been a global fitness trend and is now an integral part of the fitness studio scene. Your members don’t have to be professional boxers to enjoy the benefits of impact training, in fact this style of training benefits and appeals to members of all ages and fitness levels. 

Impact training is a concept that can be adapted to suit the space you have available and combined with existing modalities to guarantee your members the long-term results they’re looking for. Consider combining open training areas with Throwdown Bag Racks, StairMaster BoxMasters and a range of other smaller pieces of equipment to offer multiple training combinations.  

With a range of exercise machines, smaller equipment and workouts programmed by a fitness trainer, this kind of training can be scaled quite easily to suit everyone, regardless of age or fitness level.   

Think of it as a playground for adults. By providing lots of ways to incorporate and combine different elements into your training regimen, you support and challenge the muscular system, as well as neurological control and proprioceptive perception. Sensory input before motor output! This means we need to be able to control our joints and muscles in various positions before we start lifting heavy weights.  

A combination of simple everyday movements and complex exercises with and without machines and smaller equipment is ideal. This helps to maintain an element of preventive care, motivation, fun and progression in training sessions, as well as in day-to-day life for everyone, even if they’ve been training for years.  

Adding impact training can also offer significant benefits for athletes who prefer classic strength training. It improves strength, endurance, mobility and allows better control of the interaction between the brain and the locomotor system. If we have better control of our joints in different positions, we can reduce the risk of injury, and also lift heavier weights. 

Complex movements combined with strength, endurance, speed or mobility can make exercise effective, challenging and fun, and also easy to put into practice, so you can appeal to an even larger member audience. 

In short, by incorporating impact training, members can develop physical fitness holistically, engage in motivational and fun training sessions, work on preventive care, and, as a result, this can help increase long-term customer loyalty in your fitness facility. 


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