StairMaster knows what it takes to make the toughest workouts, pioneering the StepmillTM and taking HIIT to the next level. We’re a trend forward brand that will continue to lead the way in fitness training with innovative products and our unique style of encouragement that dares you to challenge yourself and push through the pain.


The 8 series FreeClimber step design includes added cushion and independent pedal geometry, with four-bar linkage to create a fluid, natural stepping motion. With three smart OpenHubTM console options that offer solutions for all of your entertainment, fitness tracking and asset management needs.


Established in 1983, StairMaster is celebrating 40 years of Killer Cardio. With the introduction of the NEW and IMPROVED 8Gx, StairMaster continues to dominate climbing with the best equipment in the industry.


The Jacobs Ladder X ladder climbing exercise machine is designed specifically for training f itness enthusiasts, athletes, and professionals. JLX marks the f irst major redesign to Jacobs Ladder in over 20 years, and offers four different climbing positions to train different muscle groups at different intensity levels. The JLX also features a redesigned display and dashboard, providing more feedback and information on workout intensity levels based on speed.

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