Multi-Unit Housing Market

Residents of Multi-Family Housing properties have begun to seek out those that have a fitness space that not only has a substantial footprint, but also mirrors the quality they are seeking within their potential residents. With this in mind, just as you worked with your facility’s designer to select the exact materials to give your property the feel your residents will expect, so too will our industry experts guide you through selecting the pieces of equipment that reflect your facility’s quality. When you request a consultation, the expert that you speak with will get to know your goals and the expectations of your residents, as well as guide you through the following items:

• Layout and Flow
• Product Selection
• Technology & Connected Fitness
• Budget
• Financing

As industry leaders, we know that residents of Student Housing are expecting many of the same amenities as those within Multi-Family Housing. Your residents are eager to move in, make connections and build a routine that sets themselves up for success. Our equipment is not only set up to provide the workout your residents have come to expect, but it also lends itself to the wearable technology of their choice so they can stay connected with friends both new and old. Start a consultation and your local representative will get to know your unique facility and the needs of your residents so that you can provide an atmosphere that builds on your campus and school pride.

Request a Consultation

Request a Consultation