10 Series


Our HexDeck System features an aluminum deck supported by a proprietary, hexagonal polymer suspension system. The deck dissipates heat, keeping a cooler surface for the belt and reducing wear. The deck panel will last many times longer than MDF – only a thin phenolic layer needs replaced when worn, significantly reducing the labor and material long-term cost of ownership.


NFC Technology in the OpenHub LCD and 16/20” consoles allow simple tap to pair connectivity with Apple Watch and Samsung Galaxy watches, for real-time data sharing.


Embedded Console powered by Android<sup>TM</sup>: the 8 and 10 Series Cardio embedded consoles boast clear HD resolution, high-speed functionality, and familiar user-interface for workouts and entertainment. With on-board apps, IPTV, hassle-free maintenance, and brand customization options, our embedded consoles are the solution for modern fitness technology.


Quickly adjust speed and incline with the easy Quick Key selection on the 8-TRx and FreeRunner treadmill LCD displays. Members can quickly navigate the treadmill controls and adjust their workout with a row of large buttons on the display. This user-friendly feature allows for easy adjustment to the workout while in motion. The embedded OpenHub displays include a customizable Quick Key view for every type of equipment.

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