Corporate Fitness

At Core Health & Fitness we know a thing or two about the importance of fitness and overall health for our employees. With a network of global partners, we’re able to ensure facilities like ours and yours can connect to the latest in wearable technology so that each employee is able to track their workout their way. Whether you’re breaking ground on a new facility, remodeling an existing space, or simply replacing existing equipment our One Team approach ensures we’re aligned from start to finish.

Our portfolio of commercial brands – StairMaster, Schwinn, Nautilus, Star Trac and Throwdown – not only accommodate a wide range of aesthetics, but also provide a multitude of training options to keep pace with the trends and match the expectations you’ve set for your organization. When you request a consultation, your regional rep will get to know your goals and understand your company culture to ensure we provide the solutions that are right for your employees. Below are a few of the items you’ll be guided through:

• 2D Rendering
• 3D Layout
• Budget
• Financing

Since you’re here, you already know the positive impact of fitness on productivity and all around mental and physical health. The next step is to share your vision with one of our industry experts and allow them to guide you through the process of brining your space to life. Below are just a few of the properties we’ve been able to collaborate with and go from concept to completion.

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  • Corporate Fitness Star Trac 4 Series

Request a Consultation

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