From Olympic benches that can be customized with or without weight storage to our one-of-a-kind abdominal and back extension benches, we’ve raised the bar for both aesthetics and function. Our benches and racks flow seamlessly with our other products, so you will notice a family look and feel as you position your free weights alongside our other strength lines. Our benches and racks don’t just look strong; they exceed industry requirements in all respects.


Throwdown Free Weights pair perfectly with Nautilus Strength products allowing you to get everything in one place. You can even find free weight sets crafted specifically for popular Nautilus Benches & Racks, Leverage, and Plate-Loaded products.


Nautilus Benches have been designed not only for eye-catching aesthetics but to also withstand the wear and tear of constant use. Featuring molded urethane bar holders for quiet and safe bar placement, benches with integrated grips and wheels for easy transport, and all with rubber feet for floor protection.


Is a bench simply just a bench? At Nautilus, we think the answer is no. Even when designing our Olympic Flat Bench, we are intentional and creating solutions. To prevent bar damage and to reduce noise, our bar catches are molded urethane. For portability, our benches have integrated handles, rubber feet, and smooth, upgraded wheels to protect your flooring. And our benches can be customized with or without integrated weight storage to maximize your weight room’s floor plan. We’ve raised the bar for both aesthetics and function.

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