Core Health & Fitness adds digital solutions to their iconic brand portfolio with Wexer

Over a decade ago, Core Health & Fitness set a goal to respond to customer needs with solutions for business success within fitness facilities. To do this, Core accumulated some of the most powerful category brands in the industry, many of which are the originators of their respective modalities, like StairMaster, Schwinn, Nautilus, and Star Trac. The addition of Throwdown raised the bar in areas like impact sports and HIIT Training, and the most recent acquisition, Wexer, gives existing and prospective customers the ability to hybridize their facilities’ offerings by bringing them into the OnDemand digital space.

Core will be joining forces with Wexer to make world-class exercise accessible to more people by harnessing the power of technology, while simultaneously ensuring traditional facilities remain at the very heart of the fitness experience.

The acquisition of Wexer came about as an identified need for a virtual element within fitness facilities and was cemented by the cultural change and hybrid requirement that the pandemic created. There has never been a better opportunity for facility operators to leverage digital content and community creation than in today’s reemerging commercial fitness environment and Wexer has been on the forefront of digital content delivery for many years.

The Wexer technology creates a bridge between the digital and physical worlds, enhancing the customer journey by delivering a seamless, premium exercise experience to meet people’s needs wherever they may be – in your facility or elsewhere. This ensures that facilities can stay connected to their clients for all things fitness and keeps them coming back to the facility for their health and fitness needs. Technology should not be viewed as a replacement for the club, but a complement. It’s a way for facilities to serve their members 24/7 and keep fitness facilities relevant in an increasingly digital world.

“We are in the new hybrid era of fitness, something I’d venture is pretty much universally accepted now. Yet the next step is vital,” says Paul Bowman, CEO of Wexer and newest executive member of the Core Health & Fitness Team. “We now have to ensure clubs are delivering a true hybrid experience, not merely ticking the box of hybrid technology, and I believe that experience has to be led by content.”

Content is what fitness consumers are demanding, and it also happens to be the element of the facility experience that can be perfectly replicated across all touchpoints: in-facility, online, in-app and other smart devices. Content is what enables the omnichannel model, allowing facilities to deliver the same user experience in whatever way their customers choose to consume their product on any given day. Wexer’s ever-expanding digital ecosystem supports this, with solutions that allow operators of all sizes to either start their digital journey from the ground up or enhance their existing digital ecosystems, always with a view to strengthen the bond between facility and member.

An omnichannel approach to providing content not only ensures your clients can access your services anytime, anywhere, it can also optimize your facility usage. The balance of live classes and virtual content classes on your facility schedule means no space within the club goes unused. A group cycling studio or multi-use studio can offer the perfect blend of live instruction supplement by virtual content in hours the space would have typically been unused and unavailable to your clients. Class content can now be available during all operating hours and gives your clients the ultimate menu of options onsite.

Wexer also helps facilities push their own loyalty-driving talent to the forefront with Connect, a feature that hands operators their own channel to upload self-produced content to their in-club, mobile and web platforms, alongside the 1,000+ classes from 70+ global content partners. The added benefit of Wexer ‘s mobile platforms (Web Player, SDK and API) is that your fitness facility experience can now extend beyond the walls of your space, to meet your members wherever and whenever as their go-to source for fitness content.

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