Vancouver, WA, August 22, 2019 – With the increasing trend of glute exercises, recreation and wellness facilities have seen a major issue with the various and dangerous executions of the standard hip thrust. To perform this exercise, users typically borrow a barbell from a nearby squat rack and set up at one of the Olympic benches. The elaborate set up and space needed to execute this exercise can not only be an issue during peak hours but can put users at risk of injuring themselves. The hip thrust movement can commonly lead to overextending the spine, improper neck position and insufficient hip extension. Not only are these unsafe for the user but frequently lead to injuries.

The #1 brand in strength training, Nautilus®, introduced an innovative type of glute exercise machine that offers recreation and wellness centers an answer to the issues that they currently face and a  solution for the gap in the market that existed previously. “With published research and social media promotion, the hip thrust has become one of the most popular glute training movements in fitness facilities today. We needed to find a simple, effective solution for members to safely perform this exercise without having to congest space or improvise with other benches and Olympic bar movements,” explained Jeff Dilts, Vice President of Product Management & Innovation for Core Health & Fitness.

The Nautilus Glute Drive provides a resolution for recreation and wellness facilities when it comes to safety of the hip thrust movement. This new and innovative type of glute exercise machine safely and smartly isolates the muscle, building power through a strong hip bridge motion, creating amazing glutes, and improving hip and core stability. The full length, pivoting back pad provides full spinal support from the cervical spine to the lumbar spine. This not only prevents undue stress to the spine, but it also ensures proper muscle engagement by providing a fixed path of motion. The seat belt is padded and is secured to the frame via a teardrop attachment allowing the user to be safely secured to the machine while in use plus, allows for a quick release to get in and out of the Glute Drive. Finally, there is a dual safety catch at the top end to rack the weights and, a bottom dropout safety stop to allow the user to safely exit the machine.

The Glute Drive gives users the full benefits of the hip thrust exercise, simply, safely, and with good form. The machine is designed to promote good biomechanics and balanced load curve. A comfortable padded belt secures the user to the back pad which supports the full length of the spine for added safety. Users can load up to four plates on each side, which gives the machine a max weight load of 360 lbs. Beyond these phenomenal safety measures, the Glute Drive ensures that the intended lift is being placed on equipment made for the movement.  This reduces both the risk of the user and the participants in the immediate vicinity, as well as the risk on the institution if something were to go wrong with someone performing the movement on their own. With this solution, staff can easily point members in the right direction to avoid future issue.  With the Nautilus Glute Drive, recreation and wellness facilities can rest easy to know that their members are safe, and their equipment is being used appropriately and efficiently.

For nearly 50 years Nautilus has been leading the modern strength category, and it’s clear that legacy will continue. With innovation like this, facility members and managers will continue to experience trustworthy and reliable results from Nautilus and Core Health & Fitness.

For more information on the Nautilus Glute Drive, visit – https://corehandf.com/product/nautilus-plate-loaded-glute-drive/

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