Schwinn Indoor Cycling Sparks Passion Amongst Regular Group Cyclists

The journey to super fandom begins with the first step into the cycle studio. It takes courage to walk into a group cycling class for the first time. Not knowing the rules, the practices or the culture of cycling classes can be intimidating, but there is something about Schwinn Indoor Cycling that inspires almost obsessive levels of devotion. It’s not unusual for some people to attend a cycle class five days a week with some even attending more than one class in a day. There are a lot of contributing factors to creating cycling superfans – here are a few examples believed to be the creating forces behind these amazing athletes.

First, there is the simplicity of the workout. In most cases, everyone can ride a bike. Progression in indoor cycling comes from mastering some very basic techniques and making incremental changes to resistance, which means improvement can be gained relatively quickly. With competence comes confidence. As someone gains confidence in their skills, they build momentum and motivation to continue to do better. With proper training, the goal of an indoor cycling class is not for it to get easier, but for the rider to get better. Indoor cycling gives class members a sense of accomplishment due to the absence of complicated movement patterns and the necessity for cardiovascular conditioning.

“Taking Schwinn Cycling classes helped me develop a love for indoor cycling and allowed me to follow that passion to become a Schwinn Certified Instructor. I had an amazing instructor who lit a fire in me and made me want to pursue this passion further.” Brittany – Schwinn Cycling Certification Graduate.

Second, there is the sense of belonging, also considered to be vital to generating intrinsic motivation. Interestingly, like many sub-cultures, there are those who fully embrace their indoor cycling identity by wearing the clothes, buying the gadgets and joining the social media forums. Whether they are in the front row high-fiving their neighbor after a huge hill climb, singing along to every tune by themselves, or quietly slogging away in the darkest corner with their eyes closed – the sense of being part of a team is a vital part of why members attend a group cycle class.

Finally, there is no doubt that the combination of loud music and rhythmic movements, in a dark, enclosed space, is a surefire way to increase motivation and give class members the confidence they crave. The chemical rush of exercise creates the perfect conditions for one almighty buzz that riders want to experience time and time again.

New riders need to be welcomed, supported and rewarded, to foster a sense of competence. More experienced riders need to be nurtured, guided to continue to make incremental progress, and to be recognized for being a consistent, positive presence in the class. For instructors, creating and delivering class designs that both bring people together, and cater to everyone’s individual needs is no easy feat and requires significant skill, expertise and dedication. Most importantly, when master trainers deliver certification courses to new instructors, there is no substitute for passion. If the person leading the ride is genuinely excited to be there, this becomes infectious and members will be drawn to their classes and follow them wherever they are teaching.

The Schwinn Master Trainer team has had incredible opportunities to coach memorable experiences, at amazing global events. From concert halls, beaches and caves, to an Elizabethan church in Switzerland or even in the middle of Time Square in NYC. Just like music festivals, Comic-cons or other fan pilgrimages, these events give riders the opportunity to celebrate and indulge in their own passion with like-minded people.

Lou Atkinson | Lead Master Trainer Core Health & Fitness

Lou Atkinson is an educator, coach and researcher with a passion for engaging a diverse range of people in physical activity and indoor cycling. As Schwinn Cycling Education Manager for the UK, Lou has overseen the achievement of SkillsActive endorsement for the whole Schwinn Cycling education program which has been recognized with several prestigious fitness industry awards. Lou’s research centers around health behaviors during and after pregnancy and the fields of maternal and childhood obesity. In addition to working as a Master Instructor and Researcher, Lou still teaches Schwinn Cycling classes every week.

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