VANCOUVER, WA. JUN 21, 2018 – Core Health & Fitness, an industry leader in commercial fitness products, is excited to announce the launch of one of its newest innovations, the Nautilus SVA Platform.

The Nautilus SVA Platform, or Sound and Vibration Absorbing platform, solves issues that are plaguing gyms all around the world; noise abatement and vibration absorption.  As fitness facilities spread across the globe now filling valuable retail real estate in regional malls and strip centers, these issues are increasing in intensity.  It is one of the reasons some gyms have prohibited Olympic lifting all together, along with the possibility of broken plates and platforms. The risks and noise associated with dropped barbells has made this style of lifting a headache for many facilities. Other competitors exist in this market, but gym customers were asking for a version that really worked, so Nautilus responded.

The Nautilus 4-inch SVA Platform is the solution facilities have been waiting for. Thicker than the standard half rack wood platform, it’s also made from a completely new proprietary blend of materials. The SVA platform consists of layers of shock absorbing rubber and sound dampening foam that reduce the sound and vibration created from dropped barbells. Laboratory tests show an approximate 50% reduction in sound intensity and about a 50% reduction in vibration.

The difference is staggering, especially for facilities that have a row of racks in close proximity to one another. “With the increased popularity of Olympic style weightlifting, sound and vibration complaints from neighbors has become a major issue for many of our customers,” explained Jake Petersen, Director of Products for Core Health & Fitness. “The Nautilus SVA platform addresses this issue by absorbing the impact of dropped weights. This reduces noise and vibration, making gym neighbors and everyone else in the gym happy. It also reduces bar bounce, which improves the overall user experience.”

Jeff Dilts, VP of Product Management & Innovation for Core Health & Fitness, added saying, “With the adoption of HIIT and CrossFit style workouts, platforms and Olympic lifting are increasing in popularity. The SVA Platform makes it easier for facilities to comfortably tap into these trends, especially those facilities in environments that were not designed to manage high impact sound and vibration.” Available as an option on the Nautilus Half Rack or sold on its own, you would be hard pressed to find a downside to upgrading to this revolutionary new platform.

For nearly 50 years Nautilus has been leading the modern strength category, and it’s clear that legacy will continue. With innovation like this, club members and facility owners will continue to experience trustworthy and reliable results from Nautilus and Core Health & Fitness.

To learn more about the SVA Platform and other Nautilus products, visit corehealthandfitness.com


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