Every year, more and more individuals spend their time traveling for leisure, business or international reasons. With this ever-growing number, Core Health & Fitness is capitalizing on the opportunity to supply In-Room fitness equipment solutions for the busy fitness enthusiast on the go.

In-Room fitness amenities are making it easier than ever to keep up a workout routine while staying in a hotel. Core has partnered with Fitness Ventures International to bring an amazing In-Room fitness solution to the hospitality market. In-Room fitness offers a unique solution to the frequently asked question, “how can I keep my fitness goals on track when traveling?” A 2016 survey by MMGY Global found that nearly 50% of millennials are inclined to pick a hotel based on its ability to help them stay fit.

Today you can that see many of the top hotel companies including Hilton, Marriott, Wyndham, IHG, Omni Hotels & Resorts to name a few, are committing to helping their guests maintain their fitness goals in the new year and beyond. These in-room amenities range from indoor cycling bikes, functional training accessories and digital content, to yoga mats and resistance bands.

The question is why?  Why are these hospitality establishments offering this amenity to their guests? Hotel guests are demanding that their fitness needs are met within the hospitality market.

Robert Mandelbaum, Director of Research Information Services for PKF Hospitality Research, a CBRE Company says, “Spas and gyms are now considered standard.”

Data shows that health-conscious travelers spend as much as 130% more on hotel amenities than other guests. These modern travelers are looking for an effective and efficient way to get a good workout in while traveling. They want a convenient way to satisfy their appetite for fitness and this growing trend certainly caters to that group. Time and comfortability are two big concerns for hotel guests. Not having enough time to complete a solid workout is an easy excuse to skip the gym. And those guests who are uncomfortable sharing a workout space are also let off the hook all too easily. In-Room fitness offers a solution to both common concerns.

In-Room fitness also offers an opportunity to increase company revenue. Data shows almost an eight-point growth in the revenue-per-available-room index for those brands that shifted their focus to wellness. Not only does this trend deliver a convenient, stress-free workout method for fitness focused travelers, but it also demonstrates the value of In-Room fitness.

The future of wellness travel lies within the hotel rooms themselves. Supplying hotel guests with top of the line amenities is a great way to attract guests and increase retention rates. Core is proud to take part in creating an environment that caters to the health-conscious traveler, now and into the future. To learn how your facility can capitalize on the in-room fitness trend, contact one of our fitness experts today!

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By Chris Pietsch | Global Hospitality Channel Manager

Core Health & Fitness, LLC

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