Innovative Strength

The Weight Room. It’s the first space a member sees when they walk through your doors. It inspires greatness, requires dedication and rewards members for their hard work. At Core, we have the brands you need to make a lasting impression: Nautilus and Throwdown.

Rooted in the legacy of Arthur Jones, the Nautilus brand has a long history imbued with knowledge and quality. Our strength equipment is trusted throughout the fitness community for its biomechanical design and wide range of training options. From selectorized equipment to benches, racks and our Leverage line, Nautilus continues to innovate the landscape of the weight room. And there is no better partner to train with than Throwdown. A tough as nails product line that offers the Free Weights, FIT Accessories and Storage Racks you need to complete your space.

Increase the strength of your weight room with the power of highly skilled personal trainers. Core offers certifications and workshops that will elevate your staff’s knowledge and abilities to better meet your members goals.

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