In today’s modern society, technology is closely linked to all parts of our daily lives, including our physical activity. From fitness tracking apps, wearable technology and booking systems, it is clear that technology has changed the face of the fitness industry. When gym members step into the gym, they expect to see a clean facility equipped with modern, high-tech machines. These features provide a more enjoyable workout experience which ultimately attracts more users and increases member retention rates. With OpenHub Embedded Consoles from Core Health & Fitness, you will catapult your members’ experience to new heights.

OpenHub Embedded Consoles were created to meet the technology demands of a new generation of gym-goers. Technology continues to impact our daily lives, including how we interact with fitness equipment. Users have a preconceived notion of how an advanced piece of gym equipment should work and with these new consoles, their notion will be spot on.

Available on Star Trac and StairMaster cardio equipment, OpenHub Embedded Consoles provide innovative solutions for every member that will deliver sweat worthy workouts today and into the future. All relevant workout data is captured using these displays including speed, distance, incline, calories burned, heartrate, watts, etc. Not only that, these displays are jam packed with a variety of options to help enhance each workout, or ignore the workout altogether, and be entertained while burning calories. Choose from built-in HIIT workouts, TV streaming capabilities, access to a variety of web-based apps, first-person videos synced to the machine and so much more. These consoles are the difference between an average workout and an incredible, heart pounding workout that users crave.

Travis Vaughan, Director of Cardio Products and Technology for Core Health & Fitness says, “Our OpenHub touchscreens were designed from the ground up with two objectives: 1) make the large variety of options available to users SIMPLE to use; and 2) create a beautiful and functional piece of technology. I have to say that as beautiful as these screens are, I think the variety of features and the simplistic usability is even better!”

With these consoles, members can connect with leading technology and third-party apps, like GymTrakr to deliver connectivity solutions for users to easily track, save and share their workout results, including Apple Watch! GymTrakr gives members the ability to enhance performance by tracking each workout and comparing the data to previous workouts, creating a benchmark for their training output. Simultaneously track distance, speed, calories and cadence all within the app without having to do anything other than connect the desired device.

Technology will always be part of today’s culture, but Core Health & Fitness is capitalizing on the tech movement by creating beautiful displays and resources to meet the demands of current and future gym-goers. Providers have made it increasingly difficult to access media on public devices like fitness equipment, which is why only Core can deliver a console with the ability to stream from a personal device via HDMI. Fuel your members’ passion for fitness with these large, intuitive, beautiful consoles from Core Health & Fitness. Learn more about your cardio options and find the right console for your members!

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