StairMaster is known as the toughest workout in the gym, and we never apologize for that. We make hearts pound, lungs burn and keep you coming back to the workout you love to hate.  We push you to the limits, challenge you to come back tomorrow, and love every minute of it. We applaud those who dare to sweat, and who embody the StairMaster attitude day in and day out. The StairMaster lifestyle is not meant for just anyone, it is reserved for the unapologetically authentic, hard core, Tough as Fuck athletes. We would like to introduce you to some of the grittiest, most bad ass people we know who don’t just exemplify the StairMaster name but who are truly Tough as Fuck.

For Rai Fazio, boxing is in his blood. Trained by father Joe, Rai could throw a punch by the time he was walking. The Australian native began boxing in 1972 with his first fight at just four years of age. Competing for well over a decade, Fazio became State Champion, Golden Gloves Champion and in his early teenage years, Australian National Champion. At the age of 20 he began assisting his father training both fighters and those looking to learn boxing for fitness.

His work in training and mentoring young children and adolescents at risk, as well as sessional lectures at the University of Western Australia have earnt him significant recognition. Discussing his experiences of turning an idea into a reality, navigating the world of business and entrepreneurship have proved to be insightful to young university students studying small business.

Fazio’s knowledge of boxing, as well as his drive for success, has lead him to create a world first in the fight and fitness industry, the StairMaster BoxMaster. “With the nature of boxing training and the uniqueness of the new product, BoxMaster had to first and foremost be 1. TOUGH AS FUCK! And 2. Legitimate.” Says Fazio.

BoxMaster bridges the gap between old-fashioned punch bags and a trainer holding focus pads “BoxMaster is designed to do the hard work for you,” says Fazio “whilst allowing trainers to focus on their clients form and safety, the BoxMaster creates the ultimate boxing training station”.

Fazio’s development of BoxMaster did not stop there. A robust education and programming module was also established.

“As a studio operator, my biggest concern is that my members come away having had a great experience regardless of who’s taught the class. And so, in creating the BoxMaster education and programing, I can ensure that each component of the experience: machine setup, familiarization and workout rounds, can be replicated in a consistent and predictable manner”.

Back in his home town of Perth, Western Australia, Fazio has opened and operated two gyms, Fazio’s Gym – Boxing for Fitness and most recently Box & Bike. This concept is a world first, combining two of the toughest workouts, boxing and indoor cycling. Using the StairMaster BoxMaster and Schwinn Stationary Bikes, the 45 minute workout sees a 2 minute round of boxing integrated with a 2 minute active recovery round of indoor cycling, to provide clients with a total body workout.

We couldn’t be more proud to have Rai Fazio represent the StairMaster name, as someone who has earned the title of Tough As Fuck athlete. This completes our Tough as Fuck blog series, make sure to check out the other two Tough As Fuck athlete’s Bobby Maximus and Dan Staton on our blog.

Looking to be as bad ass as Rai Fazio? Download his Tough AF StairMaster BoxMaster workout.

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