StairMaster is known as the toughest workout in the gym, and we never apologize for that. We make hearts pound, lungs burn and keep you coming back to the workout you love to hate.  We push you to the limits, challenge you to come back tomorrow, and love every minute of it. We applaud those who dare to sweat, and who embody the StairMaster attitude day in and day out. The StairMaster lifestyle is not meant for just anyone, it is reserved for the unapologetically authentic, hard core, Tough as Fuck athletes. We would like to introduce you to some of the grittiest, most bad ass people we know who don’t just exemplify the StairMaster name but who are truly Tough as Fuck.

When Robert “Bobby Maximus” MacDonald preaches his disdain for mediocrity, he means it. A glimpse at his life and accomplishments speak to his passion for dominating life and helping other do the same. Former UFC fighter? Check. Devoted family man? Absolutely. Dynamic speaker, instructor and life coach? You know it. Total badass? Well, that’s the understatement of the year.

For the person willing to get their hands dirty in the gym, Bobby provides the philosophy and tools to help the everyman (and woman) elevate their life status, regardless of the starting point. His brash and humorous no-frills approach to training mind and body has empowered real life changes in his students, from the professional athlete and special forces soldier to the office worker and stay-at-home mom. His unique approach to training the mind allows him to easily connect with students on various levels and empower them to find greatness and find themselves.

From 2008-2017 Bobby Maximus was the General Manager, Training Director and Lead Seminar Instructor at Gym Jones, an elite strength and conditioning facility in Salt Lake City, Utah. Bobby’s lovely wife, Lisa Maximus, was the Head of Women’s Program at Gym Jones. They have since moved on to create a world class brand and gym of their own. The “Maximus” family of brands is a rising force in the world of fitness and exercise. The couple has 2 young boys and understand the unique challenges of balancing fitness and family.

During his career Bobby has been featured in numerous workout publications, conducted many seminars and worked with numerous Tier One Assets and Special Forces groups within the United Stated military. Bobby is also a regular contributor to Men’s Health Magazine and is the Keeper Of Authenticity at Lalo Tactical.

In the past, Bobby was a police officer in serving as a member of the Peel Regional Police Force as well as The Toronto Police Service. He spent time on the road, as part of the Toronto Anti-Violence Intervention Strategy Team, and also as a Defensive Tactics Instructor.

He has also competed in numerous fight competitions across North America. In 2006 he fought in UFC 58, UFC 62 and Ultimate Fight Night 5, where he won Submission of the Night. Robert also starred on Spike TV’s The Ultimate Fighter series, was the Ring of Fire light-heavyweight champion and fought for an amateur world kickboxing championship.

In addition to his policing, training and fighting career, Bobby earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Western Ontario with a double major in Psychology and English. He also earned a Bachelor of Education graduate degree from Lakehead University.

At Maximus Gym Bobby believes that his athletes should have a high level of GPP (General Physical Preparedness). That means they are competent in the areas of strength, power, and cardiovascular fitness. To maximize Cardiovascular fitness they prescribe a number of HIIT workouts using the StairMaster HIIT Bike.

We asked Bobby how authenticity has molded his success and he said, “I learned a long time ago that for something to be real and long lasting needs to be authentic. I have never taken a shortcut and I have never taken a quick payday. Every single thing I have done has been true to my beliefs and true to who I am. Because of my devotion to this philosophy it has taken me a long time to build my reputation but it’s also made me one of the most respected trainers in the world.”

We couldn’t be more proud to have Bobby Maximus represent the StairMaster name, as someone who has earned the title of Tough As Fuck athlete. Stay tuned as we unveil our other authentic, bad ass athletes over the next few weeks.

Looking to be as bad ass as Bobby Maximus? Download his StairMaster HIIT Bike to Hell workout below.

I want to be Tough as Bobby Maximus

For more information on StairMaster HIIT programming, check out www.corehandf.com/HIIT.

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