Aided by a growing member desire for multiple training modalities, group fitness is seeing a resurgence and facilities are investing in their offerings to create boutique-like settings within their fitness centers for new revenue opportunities and recruitment to keep members coming back.

Looking to elevate your group training space? Let us introduce to you the Throwdown FXD Bench. Designed with group training in mind, this multi-functional bench allows for efficient use with both a live or virtual on-screen instructors and has everything needed to work every muscle group in the body. The compact, versatile, and mobile design make it an ideal addition to your group training space.

“The Throwdown FXD Bench is an ideal group training product that is needed in every facility,” says David Parkinson, Director of Products for Throwdown and HIIT at Core Health & Fitness. “The integrated accessory storage creates a single workout station with a wide-variety of exercise options. Plus, its compact self-contained size keeps your facility clean and organized.”

Functionality & Efficiency

The patent-pending dual articulating bench provides an easy transition from horizontal to seated incline to full incline, and every position in between. With plenty of storage space for fitness accessories, the bench includes kettlebells, dumbbells, and a slam ball (weights available in both pound and kilogram kits), plus six variable resistance bands with numerous attachment points to allow resistance from almost any direction.

The FXD Bench base is designed to minimize risk and maximize work. Resistance rails create a variety of training options by providing a multitude of anchor points across bench edges and the large storage compartment can stow anything from personal items to additional training accessories.

Made for Any Athlete

The Throwdown FXD Bench provides limitless training options for any age and fitness level. Pair with programming to train core, balance, reactive, resistance or cardio for a total body workout. The layout of the bench and modular attachment points facilitate quick transitions between exercises to perfectly pair with your functional training and/or high intensity interval training programming.

“The patent-pending, dual-articulating feature of the back pad ensures members will always be facing the instructor regardless of the exercise they are doing, whether it be push or pull related,” says Parkinson. “With the flick of a lever, the drop-down caster wheel allows the bench to easily be moved enabling you to effortlessly transform your space creating multiple programming possibilities.”

Commercial Quality for your Space

The FXD Bench provides a self-contained platform for a total body workout in a small footprint. The solid construction is rugged enough for step ups and box jumps and features a jack leaver to easily engage the wheels and move the bench effortlessly throughout your group fitness space.

“The FXD Bench is a very versatile tool for private training gyms and athletic training centers that need a variety of equipment and functional training for their clients, while basically creating an entire workout station in one spot,” says Jason Schneider, Core Health & Fitness Master Instructor. “This is especially relevant in times of personal space restrictions, where facilities are required to limit the amount of equipment that is shared and members are safely spaced.”

Pair with cardio, HIIT, strength and/or indoor cycling equipment to take your facility’s circuit training workout to the next level. With the Throwdown FXD Bench, your members will never experience a dull workout again.

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