How Core Health & Fitness puts the power of our brands in the palm of your hands

We live in a digitally smart world where more than 80% of people who own mobile devices search for products and services online. But it really was not that long ago the world was blissfully unaware of the all-consuming world of “apps.” The world experienced the very first mobile app just 12 years ago when developers introduced the public to the crowd favorite “Snake” and since then, mobile apps have far surpassed anything we could have ever dreamed of.

From eCommerce, retail and manufacturing to hospitality, every sector wants to integrate a mobile app into their business systems to unleash the potential of mobility, something all tech lovers crave.

All Access is Core’s custom company app that does exactly that – it gives our loyal partners the ability to be mobile while still having access to anything they might need while on the road or simply away from a computer. Through this app our users can quickly access daily materials when interacting with customers or even for their own personal business. What would normally take several minutes to setup your computer, login to your accounts and source the information you’re looking for, All Access gives you the power to access the exact same content with the touch of a finger, twice as fast.

“Without a doubt, our dealers love the Core All Access app! They are constantly expressing to me how convenient it is to have information like social media content, product sheets and videos while they’re on the go. The app is built for efficiency and convenience and it’s the perfect traveling companion for our busy representatives.”

– Joey Osborne | Core’s Senior Director of North America Distributor Sales


Gone are the days of having to wait to connect to the internet or waiting for download time because you now have everything you need, right in the palm of your hand. In addition to the plethora of resources accessible to them, impress your customers by showing the many different ways they can stay connected with our business, no matter where they are in the world.

Users have exclusive access to anything and everything including imagery, education materials, product videos, support resources, custom product sheets, blog content, social media content and so much more!


With this custom app, Core has the ability to disseminate important resources and materials with the touch of a button to all our valued partners and users. Get real-time updates including customized push notifications on the newest content available right at your fingertips. Instantly share content straight from the app to help build your business. And with a built-in survey, you have the ability to submit your feedback in real-time.

Let us know what content you love and what else you would like added to the app, we want to hear from you!The Core All Access app is available for download free from both the Apple and Android app stores and integrates seamlessly into your daily business routine. Don’t miss out on everything this app has to offer and start exploring today!

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