Your fitness facility depends on the success of the equipment your members use. And as one of your largest expenses, it is important to maximize the value of your equipment investment to make sure it is money well spent.

Asset management systems like Ecofit are important to ensure that you can run an efficient business. As a connected equipment solution, it allows you to review in-depth equipment analytics and obtain a full picture of your facility by reviewing usage trends, equipment saturations and more.

While a simple asset management tool allows you to perform basic actions for your equipment, it doesn’t give you all the analytical tools required to make data-backed business decisions that can make a massive impact on your facility ROI. A connected solution presents business owners with actionable insights that maximize equipment lifespan, enhance facility functionality, and empower business owners to make data-driven decisions that increase efficiency and profit.

Ecofit is the industry standard, cross brand, fitness management platform offering a powerful suite of asset management and analytic tools. Using proprietary equipment sensors and direct data links from industry leaders, Ecofit can provide unparalleled networking for all cardio and strength equipment.

The Ecofit platform is loaded with asset management tools like equipment inventory management, transfer and storage, service task tracking and equipment events. Ecofit networking adds live equipment status, custom notifications and a full suite of analytical tools. These insights are broken down into self-serve reports available 24/7 on the Ecofit Asset Portal.

Equipment Availability

Provides saturation, wait time, and equipment availability trends that help illustrate how your equipment is being used and what members may have experienced on a daily basis.

Detailed Facility Review

A detailed usage review gives you in-depth trend insights on your facility. Use these trends to optimize and enhance user experience on the fitness floor.

Monthly Usage Summary

A high level snapshot of your location’s monthly equipment usage. Review your monthly equipment usage summary and peak usage times for both cardio and strength equipment.

In-depth Equipment Studies

Equipment studies are available on request for any connected facility. These analytic studies aim to increase the ROI of your fitness floor and allow you to make informed decisions. These data reports are tailored to each location by the Ecofit analytics team to help make milestone decisions.

Ecofit and Core Health & Fitness have worked closely as industry partners with data integrations and equipment analytics. The Ecofit platform has been implemented on Core equipment globally and has provided customers with in-depth analytics and asset management for their commercial fitness clubs, university fitness centers, and private establishments.

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