The Star Trac Virtual Bike merges cutting-edge technology, community engagement, and a subscription-free content library, ensuring riders stay on track and achieve fitness goals.

Prioritizing health is not lost in the busyness of life. People are more aware than ever of the benefits of exercise. Even someone who does not get to the gym as much as they’d like thinks of how they can add more activity to their day. At Core, reaching more people with cutting-edge fitness opportunities keeps us motivated and our passion is ever-growing as we see the positive impact fitness has on the longevity of life. The Star Trac Virtual Bike exemplifies this passion, offering a seamless workout experience, no matter where life takes you.   

Connectivity Beyond Boundaries 

The Star Trac Virtual Bike offers the robust quality you expect from commercial indoor cycling bikes and the comfort features and content to attract the beginner and experienced rider. With tap-to-pair features for performance and tracking you can connect to your device without scrambling for chords. Need to get your heart pumping or just burn some energy and have a show you want to catch up on, get the content and the ride you want at the same time – and binge a few episodes guilt-free! Star Trac Virtual Bike is the hassle-free, limitless, connected fitness solution at the gym, in the hotel fitness center, and even in your community amenity center offering a seamless workout experience. 

Star Trac Virtual Bike Key Features: 

  • •No subscription is required. 
  • •Access apps, including Netflix. 
  • •Integrated fan for climate control. 
  • •Tap to pair with Apple GymKit and the Samsung Galaxy Watch. 
  • •Built for performance and tech-savvy cyclists with Intelligent Cycling. 

The Smart Choice for Connection 

As an excellent cardio workout paired with entertainment to keep riders engaged, the Star Trac Virtual Bike is the smart choice to enhance your fitness center. The Virtual Bike is an all-in-one offering; riders can connect their accessories wirelessly and get the content they choose on the 21” screen without needing to remember their password. In unstaffed spaces, the Virtual Bike is a great cardio workout, preparing them to join the next group cycling session with confidence.  

The Star Trac Virtual Bike makes promoting your connected fitness offerings simple. The trusted design of the bike is made to withstand the rigors of commercial fitness. The expanding library of content includes exercise programming, social media, TV, and movies. Travis Vaughan, Senior Director of Product Management & Technology at Core Health & Fitness, shared, “We’ve partnered with Intelligent Cycling, a pioneer in indoor cycling content for nearly a decade, to bring this virtual bike to life. It offers an extensive range of content, including instructor-led rides, captivating virtual worlds through the Journey, scenic outdoor videos, and multi-ride training sequences, all included in the bike’s purchase price. No subscriptions required.” 


Your Exclusive Offering for Connected Fitness 

Designed and rigorously tested for commercial cardio environments to meet the demands of unstaffed spaces, the Star Trac Virtual Bike stands as your exclusive offering for the sought-after connected fitness experience. Whether it’s on the cardio floor, in a hospitality fitness center, a multi-housing amenity center, or an unstaffed gym session, the Star Trac Virtual Bike caters to all fitness levels, from beginners to experienced riders seeking dynamic challenges. 

At Core Health & Fitness, we are thrilled to bring the Star Trac Virtual Bike to all markets as the ultimate connected fitness solution.  The Virtual Bike merges cutting-edge technology, community engagement, and a subscription-free content library, ensuring riders stay on track and achieve fitness goals. In a world where technology continues to reshape our lives, our commitment to empowering members, residents, and guests with the best fitness opportunities from the most iconic brands grows stronger each day! 

Alisa Maloney is the Marketing Content Specialist for Core Health & Fitness. As a communication professional, Alisa seeks out new opportunities to hone her craft. "I love the creative use of words in language to build stories and create relationships," says Alisa; "a word is worth a thousand images." Alisa spends her free time with her family and enjoys visiting places where sandals are the most prevalent footwear. 

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