The popularity of HIIT training has allowed many great facilities and franchises in the industry to see a boom in growth. While there are similarities in their core fitness methodology, each franchise adds their own unique energy, class structure and character to the fitness landscape. At Core Health & Fitness, we have spent a lot of time observing, researching, and contributing to the HIIT industry. Today, we would like to take a moment to recognize and compare some of the big names in HIIT and highlight what makes them successful.

First off, we couldn’t write a blog post about HIIT franchises without mentioning the behemoth that is CrossFit. CrossFit has been a major factor in popularizing HIIT workouts, and has grown from a small startup in 2005, to currently boasting over 14 thousand worldwide affiliates. CrossFit’s well-defined methodology is the heart of their franchise, focusing on diet, metabolic conditioning, gymnastics, weightlifting & throwing, and sport. Workouts are varied and scalable, meaning that exercises plans have a wide range of movements and intensity levels. This allows the CrossFit methodology to cover and contribute to one’s overall fitness levels, while being adaptable to a person of any fitness level.

Orange Theory is another growing franchise that started up in 2010 and has already opened over 600 locations with more projected. They also offer different programming daily and cover multiple fitness modalities. Orange Theory focuses heavily on heart rate-based interval training, meaning tracking and maintaining a heart rate within their target zones is given heavy emphasis during their training sessions.

XGT is a bit unique in that this growing franchise focuses on being a provider of fitness programming and offers instructor certification programs. Their workouts are heart rate based and combine weight training with natural body movements. They offer different workouts daily and focus on measurable results. Similar to CrossFit, all of their workouts are scalable for fully inclusive programs.

Barry’s Bootcamp is another franchise that is similar in nature to the Orange Theory model. They combine weight training and cardio in interval formats paired with red lighting and energetic music for an engaging class experience. The experience-driven atmosphere has been described as similar to that of a cycling studio.

Lastly, we wanted to mention a newer, upstart franchise out of the Europe named TRIB3. TRIB3, while offering their take on the same scientifically backed and grueling HIIT workout that people love, is moving to corner the market in culture. “My favorite thing about TRIB3 is the friendly and rewarding atmosphere linked to a super tough workout.” Says Peter Rigg, EMEA Director of Key Accounts for Core Health & Fitness.

For many involved in HIIT, the culture and comradery of their fitness community is what it’s all about. TRIB3 has described themselves as a bootcamp gymnasium concept where they savor pain. Their workouts focus on three key components which they classify as treadmill, resistance, and intensity. These components are driven by a professional staff, energetic music, and a club-like atmosphere. “They have seen huge success by focusing on their TRIB3 community in both their facility and on social media.” Rigg added. They hope to create more than just a good fitness experience, but a community that people will be excited to come back to.

While they have four successful facilities across Europe, TRIB3 has major expansion plans for the coming year. Core Health & Fitness is proud to have partnered with TRIB3 in this venture. TRIB3 comments on the partnership, “The high quality, responsive Star Trac treadmills are perfect for the high intensity TRIB3 workout sessions and the strong working relationship ensures consistency in roll out across the TRIB3 portfolio.”

These groups, like any successful HIIT program, are excellent at honing in on the primary needs of their members. Members want to feel like they are part of something. They want to have fun while working out, they want to see results, and they want a varied routine and structure so that they don’t get bored. While each of these 5 franchises have their own unique strategies for accomplishing these goals, each have seen great success because of their ability to exceed customer expectations in these areas.

If you would like to create a unique atmosphere like one of these top fitness facilities, contact one of our HIIT Experts today!


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