We answer market demand with solution-driven innovation. How? We Listen.

Core Health & Fitness is a growing house of brands, dedicated to offering innovative solutions to an ever-evolving market. Our brands represent the most recognized names in the fitness industry and include; StairMaster, Schwinn, Nautilus, StarTrac, Throwdown, and Wexer. Together with our partners, we create the best fitness opportunities. 

Let’s Go! 

We get better each day as we see a need and fill it. Our focus on market movement keeps us flexible to offer more resources with HIIT, cardio, strength, and connected fitness training. We come alongside our partners to design accessible and approachable fitness solutions for every facility’s demographics. Your vision for an upgrade, addition, or new build is realized with Core. 

Fitness centers keep members engaged with our equipment. Our trusted brands started categories like StairMaster did with climbing 40 years ago. Users return to our never-ending flight of stairs for the workout they love to hate. StairMaster is a favorite on the cardio floor, whether it is climbing flights of stairs on the 8Gx, using the OverDrive mode on a 10G, or raising their heart rate on the Jacobs Ladder. However, even the most dedicated members have days when making it to the club isn’t an option. As the battle to carve out time to get that workout in continues, we don’t stop; we continue to create solutions for better fitness experiences—when and where you need them. 

The Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends for 2023 shows remote work, virtual interaction, and the digital landscape continuing to grow. As fast-paced lifestyles prioritize wellness, we bring our established commercial experience closer to home with the help of our distribution partners. Our long-standing history of equipping the best commercial fitness facilities brings experience and reputation known across the globe to onsite amenity centers with brands that guests and residents ask for by name. Our feature-rich, commercial-quality fitness products have users coming back for more to reach their goals in all facility types. 

4G is the StepMill That Goes Everywhere 

Answering the call for a StepMill that can fit into more spaces and reach more users, we are excited to introduce the much-anticipated StairMaster 4G. As the newest addition to the StairMaster family, the 4G delivers the same heart-pounding workout expected in a commercial gym. Designed to fit perfectly into hospitality, boutique, and multi-housing training centers, the 4G has harnessed the quality members have experienced over the past 4 years with the 10G and the recently launched 8Gx. With its smaller footprint and lower height requirement, the 4G goes where the 10G and 8Gx can’t. 

The 4G is a StepMill that creates a great calorie burn through a low-impact stair climb. Traditionally, StepMills demand space and height requirements beyond most residential allowances. The 4G is the answer to providing a great StairMaster climbing workout in a space focused on residents. With a footprint of 54″ x 29″ and a height clearance of only 8 feet, the 4G is the solution this market has been missing. Want the first look at the StairMaster made compact for big impact? Plan to meet the 4G at IHRSA 2023. 

4 Series Makes a Big Impact in Small Spaces 

The 4G is a welcomed addition to the 4 Series product line-up. Bringing fitness to the people, the 4 Series connects users with their favorite machines at the gym, but much closer to home. By continuing routines started in commercial facilities, users realize their goals by staying engaged with regular training without breaking their momentum. There is no education or instruction needed for users to feel comfortable with the 4 Series lineup. With commercial quality built-in, these machines make every amenity center a value-added feature. 

     4 Series Products: 

    •           •  Star Trac 4TR treadmill 
  •           •  Star Trac 4CT cross trainer 
  •           •  Star Trac 4RB recumbent bike 
  •           •  Star Trac 4UB upright bike 
  •           •  NEW StairMaster 4G 

Sneak Peek: Connected Fitness with the Star Trac Virtual Bike 

A Star Trac Virtual Bike is the perfect complement to any facility looking for connected fitness options. The Virtual Bike has taken the experience of group cycling and built single-rider opportunities. The user-friendly interface has limitless content offerings thanks to a flexible and growing OpenHub platform. Equipped with intelligent cycling, the virtual bike is the most versatile bike for a group cycling experience in a stand-alone environment. With a variety of training options and on-trend content, riders can participate in their favorite programs virtually anywhere with the Star Trac Virtual Bike. 

  •      Star Trac Virtual Bike Stats: 
          •           •  Provide a group cycling experience for riders when in-person instruction is not
          •              available. 
  •           •  Interactive consoles with metrics for workout monitoring will keep riders engaged.
  •           •  Riders create personas to log stats and track improved performance measures. 
  •           •  There are a variety of engagement options: ride-through virtual worlds, instructor-led
  •              cycling classes, cycling workout series designed by Master Instructors, or just turn
  •              on Netflix and ride. 

The Complete Solution 

Core Health & Fitness makes your project management easy. By offering the most extensive line of fitness equipment from our house of brands, we can completely outfit your space. Our customizable Throwdown rigs offer group or independent HIIT training zones, FXD Benches give total workout capability with mobility and storage to maximize your floor space. Star Trac cardio has the exclusive OpenHub platform for connected fitness, and Nautilus is the most trusted strength line, with no instruction needed for guided movement strength training. Wexer offers virtual group class experiences anytime, anywhere. We create equipment that breaks the status quo. At Core, we reimagine spaces and design as our brands connect with millions of people, supporting communities in forming habits for longevity and wellness. 

Where will we see you next? At the gym, in a conference center, at an onsite fitness center, through social media, or at a tradeshow? A consultation is a great place to start. Let’s connect and have a conversation about how we can help you create an amazing place.  

Alisa Maloney is the Marketing Content Specialist for Core Health & Fitness. As a communication professional, Alisa seeks out new opportunities to hone her craft. "I love the creative use of words in language to build stories and create relationships," says Alisa; "a word is worth a thousand images." Alisa spends her free time with her family and enjoys visiting places where sandals are the most prevalent footwear. 

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