Core Health & Fitness once again expands the portfolio of support services available with the introduction of SightCall, a video troubleshooting tool that allows a Core Technical Support Representative to interact directly with our customers to help resolve service needs as if they were in the same room. 

With SightCall, a Core Technical Support Representative will send a video chat link to a smart device to connect with your camera. This allows the representative to view and hear the product of concern and work directly with you to troubleshoot. This remote solution allows us to quickly diagnose the issue and collect all the information needed to implement a solution for our customers globally. 

“SightCall allows our support team to provide immediate support to any issue,” says Daniel Murray, VP of Global Customer Service at Core Health & Fitness. “By integrating video streaming into our support troubleshooting experience, we can lower the cost of traditional support to our customers and provide a clear resolution in a fraction of the time.” 

The introduction of SightCall continues the positive trend of action from Core Health & Fitness to improve customer support and satisfaction while demonstrating the company’s commitment to its customers long after the date of sale. 

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