Core Health & Fitness once again expands the portfolio of support services available through Core Connect with the introduction of live and pre-recorded webinars. 

These webinars bring technology to you in an environment where you can quickly see how to use Core Connect in the most constructive way possible. Users can select live webinars hosted by service experts from a pre-set schedule. During these live webinars, the Core service team is ready to answer questions and demonstrate how Core Connect is the perfect option for when it comes to staying on top of your fitness equipment needs.  

These webinars will guide you through the Core Connect online dashboard which is focused on providing immediate visibility to the status of your fitness equipment. This includes warranty information, upcoming service appointments, advanced troubleshooting guides, ordering parts and services and so much more. 

Core also offers pre-recorded videos for later viewing to provide users the flexibility to review at a time that best fits their schedule.  

Core Connect and the ability to conduct these webinars continues to mark a positive trend of action from Core Health & Fitness to improve customer support and satisfaction while demonstrating the company’s commitment to its customers long after the date of sale.  

Schedule your webinar today by visiting https://connect.corehandf.com/webinar/. Already signed up for Core Connect? Enter your email address and you will be directed to sign in and access the webinar schedule best suited for you. 

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