Are you sitting down? Reading this, right now, you’re likely in a seated position holding a phone or looking at a screen – something adult Americans do for an average of 11 hours per day. For many, it can be difficult to adopt an active mindset due to life’s daily stressors. By the time we are finished taking care of our responsibilities and those of any dependents, we are too mentally exhausted to expend the effort required to count calories or burn them.

But working out doesn’t have to be a hassle – technology provides those who want to begin a workout regimen with infinite tools and options to get moving. Core Health & Fitness has utilized OpenHub technology for years on the Star Trac & StairMaster brands, allowing users to connect to cardio displays with their personal devices to track their performance and enjoy the benefits of streaming. Fitness trackers take the guess work out of calorie expenditure, going so far as to offer the user feedback on their target heart rate zone and approximate percentage of maximum effort output.

Now, Core Health & Fitness is going one step further with its tracking capabilities by partnering with Apple in releasing GymKit to its main floor cardio options, including the 8-TRx Treadmill from the best brand for tracking, Star Trac, and grueling StairMaster Gauntlet. Star Trac is the #1 Brand Used by Cardio Enthusiasts[1] for a reason, and GymKit capability makes tracking workouts accurately even easier.

GymKit provides simple and improved data and tracking capability to every Apple Watch owner. Simply tap to pair Apple Watch with the OpenHub display, and data is automatically saved in your Activity App. Even better, when connected, the workout data calculated by the Watch is improved because it is receiving true measurement of work such as speed and incline from the display. Win win.

Now, there’s even research suggesting those who use fitness trackers like Apple Watch can add two years to their lives. The findings, from the largest ever study of behavioral technology, show that out of 400,000 adults of varying ages, genders, and health statuses, those who used fitness trackers linked to a reward saw activity levels increase by an average of 34%, equaling 4.8 extra days of activity per month. The findings are even more encouraging by country, with the United States seeing an increase in activity by 200% in high-risk individuals, and a 160% increase in the United Kingdom.[2] Additional benefits to employing the fitness tracking technology included improved blood pressure, cholesterol, and cardio-respiratory fitness.

“For many years now there have been different apps and products that connect with fitness equipment to track data. The issue with many of them is that they require a level of effort from the user to make it work that the average person is frankly not interested in putting in. What Apple Watch has done is make fitness data tracking nearly automatic for a variety of activities, and then the connection to fitness equipment is so simple that anyone can and will do it – it’s as easy as starting the machine!” says Travis Vaughan, Director of Cardio Products. The simplicity of Apple Watch means that even those without a hard-core commitment to fitness can enjoy the benefits of fitness tracking technology, which can lead to additional benefits like improved blood pressure, cholesterol, and cardio-respiratory fitness.

In a world where we are constantly linked to technology, GymKit offers the opportunity to harness the benefits of the digital age to track progress and make healthier choices based on quantifiable data that melds seamlessly with other devices. If you are interested in learning more about how you can leverage GymKit technology with your Core Health & Fitness equipment, contact us today.

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[1] When compared to Technogym, Life Fitness, Matrix, Precor, Cybex,

BH Fitness, Sports Art and Hammer Strength

Life Decisions AAU Study. February 2018. N=6,528. Results are among purchasers (consumers) that have funded 1 or more of the following in the past 12 months – membership to a fitness facility, University or college, apartment, flat or condo housing. Heavy cardio users, using up to 6x week.

[2] https://www.vitalitygroup.com/vitalityapplestudy/

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