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Schwinn Resources Videos

MPower Echelon2 – Console Overview

Think fast… Can you name all the features on the Echelon2 Console? We know data drives engagement so click here for a quick refresher on everything available for you to drive results and performance from your riders.

MPower Echelon2 – Calculating Calories

Do you know how heart rate monitors and the Echelon2 Console calculate caloric burn?  Hint: There is a difference!

MPower Echelon2 – Gear Metrics

Want Gear? We have it! It’s on the Echelon2 Console. How do you use it? Through the intensity lens, the same way we reference the resistance or “results” knob in establishing how the work should feel. Check out this clip for more info on using gear in your coaching.

MPower Echelon2 – Saving Your Ride

Whether it’s bragging about high wattage, tracking miles logged toward your century or simply updating your fitness tracker – watch our video for sure fire ways to sync & save your data!

4 Strategies for Reaching Out to New Students

Teaching a great cycling class is like hosting a party – particularly when expanding your community. Want people knocking down the door to your studio? Check our our 4 simple tips to encourage new students to give cycling a go!

Key Qualities for Creating Engagement

Looking for ways to build a relationship with your riders and strengthen the sense of community in your room? Learn proven ways to engage your team from the Masters at Schwinn.

Top Strategies for Recovery

Learn 8 different recovery techniques for cycling. These are the top strategies to win the regeneration game.