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Pre-designed Rides

Helen Vanderburg

Schwinn Master Trainer Helen Vanderburg is ready to take your cycling class to a new level of energy and excitement with current and classic music along with a class design that will drive your participants to their best effort.

Gregg Cook

Schwinn Master Trainer Gregg Cook has teamed up with Power Music to create the ultimate cycling playlist for your classes. This class design is full of motivation, energy and FUN.

Shannon Fable

An hour on the bike will fly by with this class design from Schwinn Indoor Cycling Master, Shannon Fable. This ride is challenging and designed to use for years to come.

Amy Dixon

Schwinn Master Trainer Amy Dixon teams up with Power Music to inject every pedal stroke in your cycling classes with endless motivation, inspiration, and fun.The ride profile consists of three major stages of work, including powerful climbs, hard hitting flats, energizing recoveries, and sweat inducing breathless intervals.

Jeffrey Scott

Schwinn Master Trainer Jeffrey Scott teams up with Power Music to inject a nightclub vibe into your next cycling class, packed with remixes, mashups, and customized tempo changes! This ride consists of three phases including hard-hitting intervals, progressive climbs, and rockin’ hills in each stage.

Doris Thews

Bring the party to your indoor cycling classes with this class design from Schwinn Indoor Cycling Master Trainer Series from Doris Thews! The ride profile is built into this custom mix and starts with an energizing hill that can be used to build intensity, followed by work hard, play hard intervals, timed hills, sprints, intervals and a groovy R&B flat to the finish.

Click on the albums below to purchase your favorite playlists from your favorite class designs!