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Echelon2 Power Console

Harness the power of the Echelon2 Console.  Make observations, set goals and challenge your riders with real time data that will drive performance and heighten engagement.

Echelon2 Power Console Metrics

Data. It’s everywhere in the fitness world including our Echelon2 Consoles.  Click here for a deeper dive into the metrics available to you when you Ride Right.

Teaching Your Class Like a TED Talk

Captivate an audience – check.  Provide insightful tools for growth – check. Inspire people to find their strength – check.  The parallels between a TED Talk and a Schwinn Indoor Cycling Class are mind blowing.

Build Your Class Like a Pro

Looking for a sure fire way to develop an incredible class? Use this blank Class Design template to follow the very same format proven by our team of Master Trainers to make every class a success.