Functional Training


The XTC is a hyper-flexible rig, carefully engineered to create training zones for groups of members to train simultaneously. Constructed with 4’ cross member bars, the XTC comes available in both Standard and Compact configurations to accommodate various spaces and group sizes. With a variety of station attachments, the XTC rigs are ideal for functional training.


Throwdown XTR Storage is built to be both functional and durable. Simple intricate designs keep the area around the training center clutter-free and safe for all members. Each piece provides a specific storage solution for all of your functional training accessories.


Your space is unique, and your members and trainers have specific needs. You have a brand that needs to be represented throughout your facility. Throwdown can meet and exceed your expectations. Our XTC Rigs are hyper-flexible and carefully engineered so that they may be configured to fit the space and training programs designed by your instructors.

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