The body is made to move in a variety of ways, which is why pushing the human body to the limit can be an exciting and exhilarating experience. But there are so many fitness lovers that lack variety in their daily workout routines which can wreak havoc on the body and mind. Today, more and more fitness facilities recognize this issue effecting their members and are providing solutions to these alarming workout shortfalls.

This lack of variety has created a lull in the fitness journeys of many gym goers – they grow tired of the same exercises which causes them to burnout and ultimately abandon their fitness goals altogether. This issue has forced fitness facilities to go beyond the boundaries of fitness and find new, innovative ways to entice their members. One common way to do this is by utilizing new training methods to create something new – concurrent training is a big contributor to these new creations. Concurrent training is a form of cross training that works the heart, lungs and muscles in one session and is a great way to attract members and re-ignite their passion for fitness.

Facilities across the globe are acknowledging this trend and capitalizing on the opportunity to provide new fitness experiences for their members. One of Sweden’s most forward-thinking training facilities, Trygga Fitness, is a great example of a facility creating innovative workouts that cater to the wants and needs of their members. Trygga Fitness offers a unique fitness class called “HIIT n RUN” that combines two major trends in the fitness industry: High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and Aerobic exercising. This specialized fitness class is designed to build strength, stamina and endurance. Offered in 1-hour sessions and led by an experienced instructor, HIIT n RUN incorporates various types of equipment including dumbbells, treadmills, benches and the BoxMaster conditioning machine to deliver a full body cardio workout. Built for every level of fitness, this class is centered around community – creating a dedicated fitness space that empowers all participants to push themselves further than ever before.


Another facility investing in this fitness trend is Box and Bike, a studio based out of Australia that offers a revolutionary way to stay fit. Developed by professional boxer and inventor Rai Fazio, this 45-minute class combines the cardio benefits of indoor cycling and boxing to deliver one seriously tough workout. Led by professional instructors, participants alternate between rounds of cardio on traditional indoor cycling bikes and rounds of boxing with the help of the BoxMaster. This unique boxing machine developed by Rai and produced by StairMaster caters to all fitness levels and yields impressive results. Delivering a full body workout, Box and Bike offers a variety of exercises with every class so no two sessions are the same. These flexible and customizable training sessions encourage participation amongst all members and satisfy their cravings for a new and innovative workout.

“We are really unique in that all of our trainers have virtually grown up training together,” Fazio explained. “The guys I have running the Box & Bike classes have been fighting since they were young and so I know the technique and the passion they bring to every class is 100%. You’ve got real boxers teaching you how to throw a punch, how to stand and how to move.”

While every fitness lover has a repertoire of go-to workouts, performing the same exercises day in and day out can get extremely boring. Members worldwide are constantly looking for ways to change up their workout routines and fitness facilities are quickly pivoting their efforts to create new and innovative workouts attracting their members back into the gym. Contact one of our fitness experts today to find out how you can lure your members back into your facility!


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