#1 Brand in Strength Offers Resolution to Gyms Faced with Neighborhood Noise Complaints

Olympic and Power Weightlifting have been around for over a century and have grown into one of the most popular ways to train.

The #1 brand in strength, Nautilus®, created an innovative solution to tackle safety and noise concerns within gym settings. The Sound Vibration Absorption (SVA) Platform consists of layers of shock absorbing rubber and sound dampening foam that cut down on sound and vibration to significantly reduce the amount of noise and bar bounce.

As gyms spread across the globe filling valuable real estate in malls and strip centers, these issues are growing faster than ever. A Southern California CrossFit Gym, CrossFit Horsepower, was recently labeled a “public nuisance” and forced to close their doors after years of neighbor complaints of excessive noise. According to Mercury News, “CrossFit Horsepower has 90 days to reduce the vibration and noise caused by weight lifting or it will be required to cut its operating hours and eliminate the use of weight lifting.”

The risks and noise associated with dropping a barbell creates a headache for gym owners whose businesses reside in these heavily trafficked areas. Retail neighbors are urging these gyms to find solutions that reduce the noise radiating from their gym areas. The SVA Platform solves these issues facing gym owners, including softening the loud, obnoxious sounds of barbells slamming to the floor.

Because weightlifting requires the dropping of heavy weights, the barbell bounces hard and loud against the gym floor, potentially injuring the lifter and disrupting others. This bar bounce poses multiple issues in gyms and has been known to cause injuries with inexperienced lifters.

“A big risk of injury is the weight bouncing back. Bar bounce is a real issue that new lifters are not used to—it scares them,” said Pete McCall, Master Trainer.

As people learn Olympic lifting and Power lifting, it is vital to practice proper safety precautions. The SVA Platform eliminates worrying about bar bounce and provides a strong foundation for foot placement creating a solid base to perform the lifts. Utilizing the SVA Platform when performing Olympic or Power lifts, is a safe and smart way to hit the gym.

“The SVA platform creates a solution to not only reduce noise and vibration in an Olympic lifting area, it also significantly reduces bar bounce,” explains Jon Thiel, Director of Products for Core Health & Fitness. “With the Nautilus SVA Platform, research has proved a dramatic reduction of bar bounce and up to 50% less noise and vibration. Plus, the standard 4” thick platform creates a stable lifting surface that, when integrated with the Nautilus Half Rack, allows for a spotting area.”

Olympic and Power weightlifting have deep rooted health benefits and with the Nautilus SVA Platform, gym owners can have peace of mind knowing their members are safe and gym members can confidently perform their lifts without any distractions.

For more information on the Nautilus SVA Platform visit – https://corehandf.com/?s=sva+platform&post_type=product

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