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Strength training has purpose and appeal to members of all ages and backgrounds, regardless of specific fitness goals. While strength training can come in an abundance of forms, the root benefits of the movements are universal. Strength training can benefit users by improving bone health, maintaining muscle tissue, increasing cardiovascular health, and increasing body strength. One movement that has proven its worth within this category is the deadlift.

A deadlift is a weight training exercise in which the user lifts a weighted item (typically a barbell) off of the ground until it is level with the hips with the user’s torso perpendicular to the floor. Deadlifting has a nearly never-ending list of benefits; the movement mimics everyday stresses the body might encounter, utilizes several major muscles which burns more calories and promotes muscle growth, increases grip strength, improves posture and mobility of the hips, plus many more full-body advantages.

Most strength movements can be performed either traditionally with free weights or assisted via machine-based training methods. The deadlift is no different; users can use a barbell or a shrug machine to accomplish the exercise. There are pros and cons to both options.

Traditional strength movements performed with free weights are great because the lifts are versatile (variations of the movement can be made, allowing for a wide range of exercises) and they allow for a full range of motion. Variations, such as Sumo deadlifts or Romanian deadlifts, can put different areas of the user’s body under more or less stress than the traditional movement. These variations can allow for the growth of different muscles which can increase overall strength. Utilizing a full range of motion trains the body for any stresses that it may encounter in regular daily movements, such as moving boxes or picking up a child. The deadlift is an effective loading system for the hinge motion pattern while strengthening the upper body and grip which is needed for carrying those heavy objects found in daily activities.

The concerns of traditional strength movements are largely based upon beginner’s fear, user error, and safety when lifting heavy weights without a spotter. Strength training, in general, can be overwhelming and scary to someone new to utilizing weights for working out. But, one essential component of changing the body through exercise is to create a mechanical overload through resistance training. The learning curve of correct form, which weight to use and what exercises to perform, could cause a beginner to abandon the idea of strength training altogether. Incorrect form can lead to injury, in bad situations because strength movements are complex; they require correct form, breathing, and bracing which takes time to master. Due to the complexity, these movements are easier to mess up compared to guided equipment that ensures a specific range of motion. Finally, for free weight training to be done safely, it is vital that the user has a partner to standby in case he or she is unable to complete the lift. Lacking a spotter can increase safety risks at the gym.

Assisted strength movements can be a fantastic resource for gym users of all experience levels. The benefits of assisted strength machines are that they tend to be beginner-friendly, they do not typically require a spotter, and they can isolate certain muscle groups. As mentioned previously, free weights can be daunting to beginners. Machines allow for new users to safely explore the movement through specific instructions and ranges of motion. Machines can be used without the worry of needing a spotter when visiting the gym alone. Additionally, machines can be used to target specific muscles which is why even experienced weight-lifters choose to supplement their program with machines in many cases.

Nautilus’s new product, the Leverage Deadlift Shrug, is an ideal solution for those seeking the benefits of the deadlift movement on an assisted machine. This new product from the renowned Leverage line is a perfect fit for facilities hoping to expand their free weight, functional, or plate loaded areas. Nautilus’s Leverage Deadlift Shrug is easy to use, safe for the user, and effective. With a defined path of motion, even the newest of strength training members can feel comfortable beginning their journey. Gym staff can relax as members utilize the Deadlift Shrug without worries of potential clientele injury.  It is not uncommon to scrape the barbell on the front of the shins, especially when first learning the deadlift exercise. With the Leverage Deadlift Shrug’s pivoting handle design, the risk to the user is eliminated. The controlled load keeps the user in control of the exercise; he or she can choose the stress they are hoping to accomplish by increasing or decreasing weight or rep schemes. Adjusting these factors can allow gym members to perform progressive training to build endurance and strength.

Typical plate loaded machines utilize free weights such as bumper or Olympic plates for resistance while continuing to protect the intended path of motion for the user. Leverage takes this innovation one step further. The Leverage line from Nautilus is best in class, complemented by integrated weight storage. It ensures low load points for safe and simple use, offers unilateral independent movement arms, and mimics the biomechanics of a high-end selectorized strength piece while still providing lower frictional resistance during the movement. Leverage continues to elevate standards of fitness equipment by combining desired elements from high-end selectorized training machines (such as gas shock assisted seat adjustments, adjustments for pre-stretch, and contoured upholstery) with top of the line functionality from well loved plate-loaded pieces.

The Leverage Deadlift Shrug gives users the option to include deadlifting, a highly beneficial movement, into their workouts with ease. As members continue to utilize the machine, they will see improvements in strength, endurance, and overall functional fitness. The shrug, mirrored after the deadlift movement, mimics common movements performed by individuals daily. This functional fitness training will lead members to live healthier, safer lives by teaching proper form for lifting and building full-body strength. The Leverage Deadlift Shrug is the bridge members crave to test the waters of strength training and trust in themselves.

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