Competition is stiff on the gym floor. A piece of equipment needs to return the cost of its space, and that is exactly what Throwdown does! With rigs built to suit and complete storage solutions, we create group training spaces that engage members in a community born right in the Throwdown training zone.

The Genesis of Throwdown: A Response to the MMA Boom

With the rise in popularity of MMA, Throwdown formed to meet the robust needs of MMA contenders. Since 2003, Throwdown has been focused on designing and creating training tools and solutions for modern martial arts athletes, promoters, coaches, trainers, and fitness enthusiasts globally. Ted Joiner, Throwdown Founder, shares, “We are honored, appreciative, and grateful to have forged these relationships over the last 20 years and will continue to remain humble and hardworking as we strive to be the continued undisputed leader in Functional Impact Sports.”

MMA practitioners need equipment that holds up to the exertion they put out. Starting with an Octagon that supported the toughest UFC battles, Throwdown grew to meet the fighters in and out of the ring. Up-and-coming MMA enthusiasts trust the same equipment the athletes they follow use in national competitions and training.


Functional Training with Throwdown Impact Sports

The landscape of fitness has evolved, and today, punching bags and rigs are no longer exclusive to boxing clubs. Users across modern gyms and fitness centers crave the raw intensity of a hard-hitting workout. Throwdown’s ever-expanding catalog of products, including bag racks, rings, cages, fighting, and training accessories, all customizable by brand, offers the equipment to create sought-after training spaces. Tailor-made rigs designed for functional training have become a staple in both commercial and residential fitness spaces. David Parkinson, Director of Products at Throwdown and HIIT, notes, “The popularity of the functional training space comes as no surprise; the proven health benefits and the fun of the workout make Impact Sports the most popular segment in the Throwdown brand.”

Inside every club, there are three categories that compete for the functional training spaces:

1. Personal trainers and clients, to develop a baseline of fitness to explore other areas of the gym

2. Group training and scheduled class sessions

3. The average gym member who wants to add diversity to their regular routine

Throwdown stands out in the competitive fitness industry due to its combination of top-notch equipment and engaging programming. Offering customized rigs, bags, racks, and accessories, Throwdown empowers members to maximize their training and group sessions. While superior equipment and certified trainers are your competitive edge, here is a tip to stand out: create a photo-worthy environment. Don’t skip this step: craft a visually appealing space, paying attention to details like flooring, lighting, paint, and graphics. Transform your area into an environment that communicates, “This is where I’ll achieve my best workout and want to share it!”

Throwdown’s Rapid Growth Accelerates With HIIT

The boundaries that mapped the cardio floor, the weight room, and aerobics classes were pushed to include functional training, and now HIIT training zones that attract fitness enthusiasts of all levels. Throwdown’s remarkable growth is a testament to the community of fitness enthusiasts who seek workouts beyond the conventional. With equipment made for athletes who stand face-to-face with their opponents, Throwdown doesn’t back down from a challenge.

The Short List of What’s New from Throwdown:

      Introducing the Throwdown HIIT Rope

Designed to mount to XTC Standard, Compact, and Alpha Rigs, the Throwdown HIIT Rope can turn any rig into a total body rope climbing and pulling machine! The 6-position magnetic brake offers an industry-leading wide range of resistance to stress out your core, back, arms, grip, and legs for a complete strength and endurance workout that is accessible to both the beginning fitness user and the toughest fitness professional.

        HIIT Ski: The Total Body Workout

The Throwdown HIIT SKI replicates the exhilarating motions of cross-country skiing. As one of the few fan-based resistance machines that train upper-body endurance, the HIIT SKI works harder against you the harder you work, taxing your arms, legs, core, and cardio. The HIIT SKI’s ability to provide a dynamic full-body workout is undeniably impressive.

         GlideBoxx: Step Up to the Challenge

Developed with fighters in mind, the GlideBoxx transforms your heavy bag into an active opponent. This track system is ideal for Boxing, Muay Thai, MMA, and Kickboxing, taking your training to the next level by encouraging realistic movement and footwork. The GlideBoxx makes serious heavy bag training more engaging and prepares the user for those challenging late rounds when it’s all heart, determination, and the foundations executed in training.

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) has taken the fitness world by storm, and for good reason. It offers a highly effective way to burn calories, build strength, and improve cardiovascular fitness in a short amount of time. HIIT aligns seamlessly with Throwdown’s philosophy – a modality that pushes users to achieve new personal bests.

Reshaping the Gym

At Core Health & Fitness, the HIIT and Functional training solution is Throwdown. To engage with members and create community inside your training spaces, you need equipment that excites, delights, and attracts new and existing members. We innovate to do just that!

Alisa Maloney is the Marketing Content Specialist for Core Health & Fitness. As a communication professional, Alisa seeks out new opportunities to hone her craft. "I love the creative use of words in language to build stories and create relationships," says Alisa; "a word is worth a thousand images." Alisa spends her free time with her family and enjoys visiting places where sandals are the most prevalent footwear. 

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