I want what I want when I want it. This is the customer mantra adopted by Star Trac to ensure that everyone from the facility owner to the end user is fully satisfied with Star Trac cardio products and OpenHub consoles.

“It’s how today’s consumer thinks, we have to interact with them the way they want to interact,” explained Travis Vaughan, Director of products for Core Health & Fitness. “To accomplish this, we let fitness consumers connect directly with us using their devices and save their workout data to the tracking apps they want to use. We also offer the ability to connect a personal device to stream media content to the bigger screens. For owners and operators, we offer a wide range of OpenHub features to pick and choose from at the initial purchase with the ability to add additional features at any time.”

Star Trac has also taken this past year to expand their cardio offerings to ensure customers can find the quality cardio workout they are looking for with OpenHub console options. Along with the longtime popular Star Trac Treadmills, the catalog now includes the all-new Trail Hiker, 2 bikes, and 3 ellipticals including the VersaStrider variable stride elliptical. “The VersaStrider is a fantastic option for the ‘elliptical’ category, added Vaughan. “The dynamic variable stride let’s virtually any user step on, get started, and then naturally find the stride that fits them. Customers should also be excited about the Trail Hiker, a revolutionary new cardio product. Imagine being able to hike a mountain with trekking poles, in the gym. With all the cardio and calorie burn benefits, but because of the split treadles falling independently, not nearly as hard on the hips, knees, ankles as walking up a steep incline.”

The expanded catalog allows facilities to build an exceptional cardio room with a consistent console between all products. This is immensely valuable to facility members by adding that level of familiarity across all products. “Many gym users are not familiar with exercise equipment, and frankly many are not totally comfortable in the public setting of a gym,” added Vaughan. “Walking up to a machine that has a familiar interface helps provide a level of comfort – ‘oh, I know how to do this, it’s just like the other one.’”

By offering so many options for machines and console configurations while maintaining a consistent quality and interface across all products, Star Trac is demonstrating their commitment to the IWWIWWIWI (I want what I want when it want it) mantra and making it simple for customers to get exactly what they want in a piece of cardio equipment.

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