IDEA World is celebrating its 35th year in Las Vegas, Nevada and we are looking forward to showing you some big things from Core Health & Fitness. Join us July 19-23 at the Las Vegas Convention Center for live demos of our new StairMaster High Intensity Interval Training program and one of a kind cycling workshops from our world class Schwinn Master Trainers. If you can’t make it to Vegas this year, fear not! What happens in Vegas is not staying in Vegas – follow our social media pages for live updates all week long!

Seriously Tough SHIIT

Core Health & Fitness’s newly released StairMaster HIIT program is proving to be some seriously tough SHIIT. A grueling yet rewarding workout that challenges members to push themselves and utilizes some of the toughest workouts in the gym. Get a firsthand experience of this programming in action by signing up for one of two classes available on Friday, July 21st.

HIIT Solutions by StairMaster – Friday, July 21st 7:30am-9:20am & 3:30pm-4:20pm

HIIT Solutions by StairMaster is a turnkey, high-intensity interval training system that can be customized to work with other modalities. This program provides a framework of 30-minute workouts for users of all fitness levels. Experience a series of interval protocols that provide circuit solutions for efficient and effective in-house HIIT programming that is sure to satisfy both coaches and participants alike.

For information and how to sign up for the StairMaster HIIT Solutions class please visit –

Don’t have time to make it to a class? Stop by the booth all week long to get 1 on 1 time with our HIIT expert and Core Health & Fitness Master Trainer Sonja Friend-Uhl. We will be giving away StairMaster prizes to those who try out our seriously tough SHIIT.

StairMaster HIITMill & HIITMill X

The StairMaster HIITMill & HIITMill X are self-powered speed and strength training tools designed to build explosive power when used in a High-Intensity Interval Training program. These High-Intensity machines deliver an effective resistance training platform that captures the benefits of speed and agility training, lateral training and sled training. Gear up for one tough and rewarding HIIT workout that members will love to hate.

Schwinn Indoor Cycling

Join us in the Schwinn Indoor Cycling room for some of the best instructor training in the industry and see for yourself why Schwinn brings more than just great bikes to the cycling space. We bring a highly respected and proven education program that includes expert coaching techniques, top tier class designs, and skills that will take your coaching to the next level. There will be a full certification day offered on Wednesday July 19, as well as 14 topic specific workshops available on Thursday, July 20 – 23, 2017. Spend time with award winning fitness leaders like Amy Dixon, Keli Roberts, Mindy Mylrea and Helen Vanderburg. Learn how to create memorable and motivating playlists with Jeffrey Scott and become the best public speaker you can be by attending Tatiana Kolovou’s Teaching Tips with TED: From Noble to Notable.

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During the show we will have fabulous giveaways, entertaining social media events and new programming demos available to the public. This will be an IDEA to remember! Don’t miss out on all the fun happening at the Core Health & Fitness booth #725.

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