Core Health & Fitness is proud to partner with MINDYBODY, a leader in the fitness technology industry who brings more services and solutions to studios and boutique gyms across the globe! MINDBODY helps gym facility owners and managers achieve their business goals by creating the ability of easy scheduling, retail, marketing tools and more. MINDBODY wrote an all-inclusive guide for fitness owners on how to overcome the challenges of owning a multi-location fitness business and take your business to the next level. Below are some quick tips on how to get started.

You’ve taken your business to the next level

And it’s time to make sure you’re doing things the right way.

We’re not going to sugarcoat it: Running a single location is hard enough, let alone managing more than one. But savvy fitness business owners run multiple gyms and studios all the time — and make it look easy! What’s their secret?

The answer: They’ve done their homework. They’ve reviewed their original business plan and thought strategically about how they could expand their business to additional locations. They’ve done market research to find prime real estate with a great base of potential customers. They’ve taken a formula that works and expanded it to new areas, with entirely new audiences. These business owners are prepared, and they dive head-first into any surprise issues that come up.

You can, too.

Running multiple locations is tough, but you’re ready to do it. This guide will help you tackle some of the biggest challenges you may encounter.

Let’s get started.

How to maintain a consistent brand across multiple locations 

Whether you’re moving across the street, across town or across counties, consistency is key to building your brand among your new customer base.

You’ve done a great job creating a recognizable brand at your first location — way to go! Now, you can play to the strengths of your new location while still keeping your brand consistent.

For example, you may want to adjust your classes based on the expectations of your new customer base. One location may have lengthy yoga classes for parents who need a break, while another may have short HIIT options for busy professionals with little time to spare.

How to manage staff in more than one place

It’s time to face the facts: You can’t be in multiple places at once. Sure, it seems like you’ll be able to manage all of your studios equally, but any business owner who’s tried quickly realizes this isn’t the case. Your most important staffing decision will be your manager. Whoever runs your next location must be attuned to your goals and leadership style, making sure your brand remains consistent, keeping teachers and trainers aligned and on schedule, engaging customers and just about everything else.

You’ll want to document your key processes to make sure there is consistency across your locations. This includes things like welcoming new clients to your business. In this way, staff in every location should follow the same set of steps, including greeting the new client when they walk in, giving them a tour of your facility and answering any questions they might have, and following up after the class to get their feedback.

Still, as the owner, you’ll want to maintain oversight into how your staff are performing no matter which location they’re at. You must make time to regularly check in with each location and, if you can, view performance reports as you’re on the go.

Looking for other ways to overcome the challenges of owning a multi-location fitness business? Download the full guide from MINDBODY today! – https://info.corehandf.com/mindbody-guide-download

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