These are unprecedented times. Core Health & Fitness, like our customers and partners globally, is learning to navigate during the COVID-19 pandemic amidst uncertainty. Our most recent release and company update can be found here.

We have taken immediate steps to flatten the curve and put the well-being of our customers and employees to the forefront. While our international operations in China are returning to near full capacity as the pandemic subsides, domestically we have transitioned the vast majority of our workforce and operations to remote operations at home. Additionally, remote/sales operation staff have changed daily routines significantly in the best interest of our customers and teams.

It is imperative that we educate ourselves as information unfolds around this pandemic. The more we know, the more informed we are to make the right decisions. This can have a significant impact on so many critical levels of our overall well-being. Staff and members depend on leadership to make the right call, at the right point in time, on reopening, modifying operations, updating protocols, and many other key decisions that lead to positive outcomes for all all constituents.

Core Health & Fitness wants to express our deepest sympathy to anyone affected by this pandemic and share with you some information and resources to help better understand how to protect your health and the health of those around you. We are all in this together and so our partnerships are more important now than ever as we support each other and hope for better days ahead.


It is critical that we follow *CDC Guidelines:
Know How it Spreads

Take Steps to Protect Yourself
• Clean your hands often
• Avoid close contact

Take Steps to Protect Others
• Stay home if you’re sick
• Cover coughs and sneezes
• Wear a facemask if you are sick
• Clean and disinfect

*Full guidelines viewable on CDC Website.


While most owners/operators have either closed, reduced hours, reduced services, or a multitude of other measures, many are still left trying to find the best path forward when operations continue while doing what is in the best interest of patrons and employees. Protocols and overall cleanliness have become increasingly important.

2XL Corporation, a leader in the cleaning industry, offers several solutions for gym owners, made efficient for member and staff use, that can be found HERE. They also offer a simple 5 step guide to eradicate COVID-19 from hard surfaces:

Step 1: Use protective gear (PPE) to ensure that you do not expose
yourself to the virus. Make sure your entire body is covered from
head to toe by using gloves, a face mask, long shirts, pants, etc.
Leave no part of your body exposed.

Step 2: Apply a cleaner first in order to remove any dirt or debris
from the surface. This must be done before cleaning or else the
disinfectant may not able to effectively kill the pathogen(s).

Step 3: Apply an EPA registered disinfectant to the surface. You can
use a wipe or liquid disinfectant, just make sure it kills the virus.

Step 4: Allow the cleaner to sit for the recommended dwell time.

Step 5: Let the surface air dry.


• 409 Spray
• Athletix Disinfectant Wipes
• Gym Wipes
• Care Wipes
• Antibacterial Force Wipes

See the EPA’s full list HERE. We recommend avoiding the use of cleaners that contain ammonia on fitness equipment.

More specific Core Health & Fitness cleaning and care guidelines can be found HERE as well as in our preventative maintenance manual. A quick excerpt and helpful training tool from our manuals below:

As the visual illustrates, it is critical that all spray solutions are sprayed ONLY onto the towel/cleaning tool, NOT directly onto consoles or equipment in general. This is essential to the longevity of your equipment. Training and giving staff and members the necessary tools and easy to follow procedures is perhaps the most important part in closing the loop. This will ensure that you are disinfecting properly and preserving the life of your investment.


Download the full PDF here.

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