Innovative Brands in Motion

At Core, we bring innovative health and fitness brands to the global market. We press into the future of fitness to ensure the creation of quality products and programing that meet the needs of an ever-evolving industry. 


For more than four decades, StairMaster has been bringing innovation to the human experience in an unmatched workout that delivers results. Through climbing people have connected with StairMaster and Jacobs Ladder to raise their heart rates and burn calories faster with a line-up of products known to be “easier to work harder on.” StairMaster is the workout that everyone loves to hate.  

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With historic roots in outdoor cycling, Schwinn’s focus has always been on authenticity and quality. We brought the feel of the road to indoor cycling with the same expertise and education that drives the industry forward. Schwinn is an informational and educational source for all things Indoor Cycling. 

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With the invention of strength training machines, Nautilus brought fitness to the masses. Focusing on biomechanics that complement natural human movements, Nautilus makes weightlifting approachable to people at all fitness levels. The authentic approach to building muscle that started 50 years ago is still true today with essential equipment recognized in strength training programs worldwide. 

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Rooted in cardio, Star Trac has grown to innovate products that keep people moving and create lifelong health and fitness habits. As we focus on intuitive designs and reliability, we go the distance to provide fitness solutions for the best workout experiences. With dynamic technology and OpenHub connectivity, Star Trac offerings compliment all fitness programs.     

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For 20 years, Throwdown has offered unique workout opportunities that add diversity and challenge to any exercise routine. From functional training zones to boxing, mixed martials arts and more, Throwdown products are the differentiator in any facility.    

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Our technology creates a bridge between the digital and physical worlds, enhancing the customer journey by delivering a seamless, premium exercise experience that meets people’s needs wherever they may be – in your physical space or elsewhere. 

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At Core Health & Fitness we believe that knowledge is power. With the world’s greatest Master Instructors, we create the most personal, accessible, and innovative education available. Backed by continued education credits, our courses transform passionate enthusiasts into thoughtful and skilled experts. 

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