We believe in teamwork, accountability, and education in the pursuit of wellness. Wellness is more than the state of mind, it is a pursuit of activities and lifestyle choices that make us healthier both mentally and physically.

Dr. Suess said it best, “the more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you know the more places you will go.” This could not be truer when we speak on education. How many educational opportunities do you engage yourself in? How many educational opportunities does your facility provide to your team?

Cycling trainers must be up to date with the most recent research in fitness, health, and exercise science to ensure they are providing their participants with the best classes and advice possible. Since cycling trainers are on the main stage in front of a class, it is important that they strive to upskill not only in their education, but in their communication skills. Trainers who can not only convey facts but convey them in a way that participants gravitate towards while motivating and inspiring means that seats will consistently be filled. Seats filled is not only revenue for the facility but creates retention by community. The power in community can create long-lasting change in the pursuit of our goal of wellness.

Core Health & Fitness offers a variety of educational, relevant, and interest-seeking courses to upskill cycling instructors who have been in the game, and those who are brand new in the industry. Courses on how to become a superstar substitute, how to stand out on a resume, how to choose the powerful music that drives a class, as well as courses on riding technique and performance. Core is backed by over 100 combined years of research, so you know the classes that are taught have the most impact from an educational perspective.

If you dive into “To Breathless and Back Again,” a trainer will walk away with the protocols and techniques on how to push participants to their max and keep them coming back for more. Or take the course “SchwINTENSITY” where participants will learn the value of intensity, why it is important in a class setting and how intensity impacts fitness for all levels of riders. Maybe as a cycling trainer, the goal is to learn how to leave a lasting impression. The Schwinn course “How to WOW” would be a perfect fit as it teaches trainers how to design classes that truly leave the whole class eager for more by integrating the latest cycling protocols through Schwinn’s proven performance system. All Schwinn education is backed by continuing education credits, recognized by multiple certifying organizations.

Gym facilities should encourage employees to have personal development plans. By investing in the person, the person will give their best versions of themselves to the facility. Participants want to ride with not only a motivational and impacting instructor, but one who has developed tenure. One who knows when a participant has their children graduate or can cheer them on at their next community 5k event. A trainer who has developed tenure and has ridden alongside a class over the years. A trainer who has a personal development plan in place, and who is encouraged by their facility to stay on track with that plan will be an employee that a facility retains while also aiding their personal and professional development.

Any cycling instructor who engages in the education provided by Schwinn should allocate time to practice what is learned through the various sessions that Schwinn provides. Many trainers benefit from kinesthetic-tactile learning – a learning style where a person combines performing an action or touch, with the visual and/or auditory study techniques to produce more grounded multi-sensory learning. Training developed to teach a new way to learn how to find the beat, take note of the process and apply it outside of the training. Let new music programming or conscious cueing be a skill that is practiced long after the training. A good instructor is developed out of an initial training, but a great trainer seeks out multiple educational opportunities as each will only continue to develop and expand the trainer’s excellence.

Together facilities can support their instructors by offering educational opportunities and encouraging a learning environment. These educational opportunities will create a positive actionable response and in return create employee retention and increased member satisfaction and engagement. Hire trainers who are motivated to increase their skillset and those who advocate for teamwork. Encourage personal development plans of each cycling trainer upon hire and regularly check in with their plan and progress. Align the goals of the company to create inclusive learning opportunities for all. Core provides superior education backed by research that centers around our purpose of living and sharing our passion for fitness.

Explore all of the educational possibilities at corehandf.inspire360.com or contact your local Core representative.


Author- Michelle Leachman MS Equipped with a Master’s Degree in Human Movement- Exercise Science, a Dual-Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and Exercise Science, and multiple recognized NCCA accredited certifications, Michelle’s mission is to help individuals in seeking personal growth and discovery to become the best version of themselves. Michelle is an innovator, author, and public speaker. Her work centers around equity, inclusion, and both mental and physical wellbeing.

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