FIBO 2022 is just around the corner. We’ve been working hard over the past two years to continue to bring new products to market from all five of our brands and we can’t wait for visitors of FIBO 2022 to experience them live. Here’s a quick snapshot of what you’ll see:

Complete Cardio

The Star Trac 10TRx FreeRunner Treadmill with HexDeck shock absorption technology reduces stress on joints by 26%, offering an unrivaled cardio training experience.

FreeRunner 10-TRx Sonja Running Close Up of Hex

The StairMaster 10G is the only stepmill on the market offering OverDrive Training Mode to simulate the experience of carrying and pushing a load up stairs. Other key features include the widest and deepest stepping surface and lowest step-up height in the industry.


Don’t miss a first look at the brand new StairMaster 8Gx, an evolution of the original StairMaster 8G. Its new design, handrail comfort features, and ultra-quiet drive chain make this stepmill an absolute must-have.

Innovative Strength

The Nautilus SVA Platform with sustainable bamboo inserts, available in a half rack configuration or stand-alone, reduces noise and vibration by 50% in comparison to standard platforms.

Nautilus Throwdown Weights on SVA

The wide range of configuration options makes the HumanSport Freedom Trainer with dual weight stacks the perfect cable-based machine for functional, PT and small group training.

Freedom Trainer

Group Training

Mixed modality training continues to trend with members taking equipment from the free weights area to use in the functional training/HIIT or stretching area. The boundaries between these traditional training types are increasingly being broken down. At Throwdown, we’re able to demonstrate the design possibilities of combining rigs with HIIT/functional products and create training areas that are fun for members and deliver results.


Experience the new Schwinn Bikes. The configurable console on the Zone Bike gives the instructor a wide range of coaching options to design the class around FTP, Heart Rate, or Cadence for an experience that is never the same twice. Riders can enjoy the group experience together, configured according to their individual performance data and led by intensity level. Plus, it’s is the only indoor cycle bike in the industry to pair with Apple GymKit on Apple Watch!

Schwinn Z Bike Zone Colors

The X Bike invites gym members on the cardio floor, hotel guests, and multi-unit housing residents to bring your own experience to support the rapid growth of fitness apps and virtual content. Without a console, it also invites cycling class members to make personal connections distraction-free, but can be upgraded with a 4iiii powermeter for measuring performance.

Schwinn X Bike


In partnership with Advagym by Sony, we’re also able to show you options for creating a connected gym experience for both strength and cardio equipment. This retrofit hardware and app solution will help improve functionality for owners, trainers and members alike. Plus, the web-based admin tool provides valuable insights about machine usage and exerciser preferences, helping your trainers understand member needs and increase customer satisfaction and retention!

Core Advagym Strength Gif

Whether you want to discuss something specific with us or simply to get some inspiration, come and find us in Booth C60 in Hall 6 and we’ll be happy to help you.

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