What’s been your career highlight?
There has been a few but I would say the biggest highlight was the movie “Sky Fall”. This was my first major feature film and to be involved in such an iconic British film on its 50th anniversary was an amazing involvement. It gave me the opportunity to work with some incredible actors such as Daniel Craig and Javier Bardem. Seeing the way they apply their skills to the screen boosted my motivation to want to perfect the craft.

You’ve got quite an impressive CV! What’s been your favourite sport/competition so far?
My favourite sport has to be bobsledding. The sport places a high physical demand on the athletes speed, power, synergy, travel and an abundance of adrenaline. It’s a sport that will test you physically and mentally and when you get to the end of the run you’re either excited to go back to the top…or go home!

Is there anything you wish you’d done?
No, I don’t like to look at things like that. There are a lot of goals on my list that I am working through and if there is something that looks interesting I just add it to the list to work on. On a more serious note, I do wish I had teamed up with Core Health & Fitness earlier in my career.

What first got you into fitness?
I would like to think it was watching Donald Quarrie run for Jamaica when I was pretty young. Seeing the hype surrounding him and his performance made me want to be an athlete. Some years later I was amazed at what Daley Thompson had achieved during the ‘84’ Olympics and right there and then I decided it was my goal to be an athlete. Later that year at the age of 13 I went out and randomly ran a half marathon in my local area. Since then I’ve continued to involved myself in various sports and competitions.

At 16 I joined the Armed Forces; this was heaven to me because it was that moment I decided to learn and understand the human body and immerse myself into fitness training. I joined the unit’s physical education team and began learning from the best. Soon after leaving the Forces, I joined the Metropolitan Police Physical Education Team, a position I held for 10years before making a side step to set up their Rehabilitation Department. Recently, I left to focus more on Pace & Go and in doing so, I joined Core Health & Fitness to learn from some of the best educated minds within the fitness industry such as Fabio Comana, Tatiana Kolovou and Pete McCall.

What’s next for you and Pace & Go?
What next for Pace & Go? We have a number of things in the pipeline. We are creating more online content for Grokker which is an 8weeks transformation program that will be released in the next couple of months. Jenny has recently returned from the filming of Wonder Woman which will be released next year. For me there are several films that I will be acting in later in the year and I have just finished filming a Ross Boyask film “Vengeance” with WWE star Wade Barrett. We are also looking to form a great working relationship with Core Health & Fitness, we really believe in their ethos and journey to get people moving. We are also working to develop an education program surrounding the StairMaster HIIT Zone with their five key products.

You and your partner Jenny both competed together in bobsleigh, on Gladiators and now work together at Pace & Go,

Talk us through an average day’s training, how do you maintain your sheer size and strength?
Over the years I’ve tried most forms of training principles. Right now, my regime is training 5-6 days a week. However, I try to change things every 3weeks and aim to include muscular strength, power, and endurance as well as flexibility. I also allocate time so that Jenny and I train together as this is important in our relationship. It also gives us both the opportunity to develop new exercise content and ideas to really push each other.

As I’m no longer competing at any sport, I do still enjoy training like an athlete. This mode of training has been ingrained in me for many years and I never get tired of it. I like to mix up my training with olympic lifts, hill sprints, kettlebell circuit, body weight circuits, cable-based training and also where I can add in some HIIT session using the StairMaster HIIT Zone.

A typical day (if all goes to plan):

Olympic Lift Circuit and HIIT session
Dead lifts
Romanian dead lifts
Bent over row
Hang cleans
Front squats
Push press
Incline bench press
90 seconds rest and repeat for 4-5 rounds

5mins rest before hitting the StairMaster HIIT Zone
30 seconds hard effort with 15seconds change over
StairMaster Gauntlet
StairMaster Upper body Ergometer
StairMaster HIITMill (self-powered incline treadmill)
StairMaster Air Fit bike
I usually aim for 3 rounds…and note I said AIM! The new HIITMill is an absolute killer and this generally saps me of what energy I have left.

And diet?
I don’t like the word diet as to me this sounds negative and often makes you feel guilty about what you’ve ingested. My daily nutrition intake always starts the day with breakfast and if I know my training day is going to be intense I tend to bolster my calories with Reflex Instant Mass Pro in the morning.
Mid-morning if I’m still feeling hungry I usually have a Reflex R-bar or an Oatein bar.
Lunch is often chicken, broccoli and rice or sweet potatoes
Pre-training, I have a Reflex Native Whey shake
Mid-afternoon training followed by a post workout potassium shake which includes; Instant mass pro, peanut butter, banana and coconut milk…HHHMMM!!!
Dinner it’s all about meat and lots and lots of vegetables, I aim to consume my main source of carbohydrates during the day.

You must cheat every now and again, what’s your favourite cheat meal?
Both Jenny and I eat well 5days a week and at the weekends we tend to look for cool restaurants around London to dine out. In doing so two of our favourite locations are The Avenue for brunch and Kensington Babylon restaurant, the food there is consistently good. However, with that being said my now and again cheat meal is a “Dirty Burger” with sweet potato fries.

As a celebrity trainer, who has been your favourite client to train?
There are a few interesting celebrities that I have worked with but my all-time favourite guy is Dynamo. This guy is an absolute work-a-holic and machine, he was at first a challenge due to his Crones Disease, but I had to bring in a team to help improve his fitness. He has now gone from strength to strength both physically and with his career and I wish him every success to a superbly nice guy.

You and Jenny are ambassadors for United Learning, why did you decide to take part in the scheme?
United are doing an amazing job improving the lives and education of the younger generation, so when they asked if we would be involved it didn’t take long to give our answer. We have an opportunity each year to visit various schools and run a health and fitness workshops but also to encourage them to partake in some kind of sport because it will have an impact on later in their lives.

Also working as an actor, notably in ‘Skyfall’, it appears you’ve got some exciting projects coming up! How difficult is it to train for movies?
This year has been fantastic with some awesome projects in the pipeline. I tend not to change the way I train unless there is a demand for me to gain some extra weight. Sometimes filming days can be long, so I will focus more on cable-based training using the Nautilus Human Sport equipment, this is a great way for me to bridge the gap between isolated and integrated functional training and save me time getting from the gym to set.

Do you ever get star-struck?
I very rarely get star-struck but there is only two times where I can say I have been in this position. On one occasion I sat two tables away from this lady who was absolutely beautiful only to later discover it was Jennifer Lopez…foolish me! The second was meeting Rai Fazio…many people won’t know the name but Rai is the owner of BoxMaster and a one-time Golden Glove winner turn actor. Given his background and what he has achieved in his life he is a very humble guy who is spreading the fitness message and giving back to the community.

How did you get involved with Grokker?
Grokker approached us during the infancy stage of the company and we realised very early on that we had the same mission statement; we wanted offer a solution to combat the common excuses around maintaining ones health and wellness.

The fitness industry is becoming increasingly accessible through mobile phones and tablets so Grokker was the perfect opportunity to connect with thousands or even millions around the world. People are now able to access fitness experts at the touch of a button and workout anywhere that is convenient.

We decided to alleviate any barriers/excuses someone might have to when it comes to exercising by developing nine body weight workouts that effectively transformed the exercisers fitness and physique without the need for weights or equipment.

People complain they don’t have time, so we included a high intensity format; which includes 7 minutes of intense exercise or they can be used as workout specific finishers.

More information about Wayne can be found here: https://www.paceandgo.co.uk/

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