Core Health & Fitness hosted the first EMEA Master Trainer HIIT Summit at the Northwood Club, London. Lead Master Trainer Sonja Friend Uhl came over from the US to teach 8 Master Instructors from London, Germany, Spain, Switzerland and Denmark.

The aim of the High Intensity Training and Master Trainer workshop was to:

  • Provide and work on variety in the workouts
  • Work on programmes to make members feel like they are part of a team
  • Keep Score
  • Achieve Results

The Master team was taken through their paces with a partner workout created by Sonja Friend Uhl and Jeff Dilts. The aim of the workout was for each team to finish the rounds as quickly as they could, measurable by time & weight.

SFU & JD Workout 1:
HIIT Bike – 15 kcals (each partner)
HIITMill X – Farmers Carry for 50 Strides (each partner)
BoxMaster 10 rounds of “2-3-5-6” (each partner)
Slam bag – 20 Slams (each partner)

Team Timings:
Jose & Adam – 4.06 minutes
Christian & Simon – 4.11 minutes
Frank & Jana – 4.22 minutes
Dani & Ian – 5.15 minutes

Later in the day the group was split into two teams, together they worked on building fun, safe and effective HIIT workouts using selected pieces from the StairMaster range, free weights and body weight workouts.

The teams then took part in each other’s workouts.

Team 1: Christian, Adam, Dani & Simon
Warm up 10 minutes

Workout individual:
2 Rounds of 4 minutes (2 minutes rest in-between)
HIITMill X Power Sprints
Active Plank with Push ups
HIIT UBE RPM higher than 90
Wall sit – 90 degrees

Team 2: Frank, Jana, Jose, Ian
Warm up 10 minutes
10 partner squats
10 partner push up
10 partner standing rotations with the med balls or slam bags

Workout individual:
HIIT Bike, 15 kcal
Plank hold
BoxMaster 2×3- 2×9- 2×4
BoxMaster ½ – ¾
Kettle bell dead lift
AirFit bike 15 Kcal
Push Ups
BoxMaster 5/6
Overhead lunges (Slam bag)

The training went incredibly well and we are excited to announce that all of the team are now HIIT Master Instructors. The team is looking forward to educating and sharing their knowledge at HIIT Education facilities across Europe.

Jose Luis

For the last six years José Luis has been working in his own PT studio. Before he was working as an educator and Studio Product Manager for Duet Sport & Spa after being Regional Education Manager at Nautilus Health & Fitness Group, Education Manager at Fit4Life, and Fitness Manager of Medfitness. Jose’s company, Activitat Física i Salut SL, works for Diputació de Barcelona, town halls and as a consultant for different companies.

Adam Cooper

Adam is a Personal Trainer, HIIT Instructor, Indoor Cycling and Pilates Coach at Dynamic. He also is a Fitness and Personal Trainer Manager at Virgin Active UK.

Christian Sall

Christian has 16 years of training and sales experience in Nautilus and Core Health & Fitness equipment. In addition Christian is a Master Trainer for multi Core Health & Fitness products ranging from Nautilus Fitness Instructor, Nautilus Master Trainer, Nautilus HumanSport, StairMaster BoxMaster Master Trainer and also Master Trainer for Warriors level 1 and 2, TRX, Nutrition and cycling.

Simon Hewitt

In 2011, after serving 21 years in the British Army Simon decided to pursue a career within the fitness industry. Qualifying as a Personal Trainer, Pre and Post Natal exercise instructor in 2011, Simon moved into elite sport in 2013. Completing a BSC (Hons) in Applied Sports Science has allowed Simon to conduct physical fitness testing and monitoring on elite athletes and premiership football teams. Simon has also provided sports Science support to an elite female football academy. Simon is now studying at Winchester University, completing a Masters of Research in Sport and Exercise Science, and working closely with the British Army conducting research into injury prevention during training.

Frank Mueller

Frank Müller, is a personal trainer who owns his own studio and works as a Master Trainer for Core Health & Fitness Germany. Since 1995, Frank has been working as a trainer and sports director in the fitness sector and as an independent instructor and coach in the field of health and fitness.

He is the owner of EMS Fitness Lounge in Kronach and a specialist in cycling, running and functional training. As an active mountain biker and multiple Ultratrail Finisher he lives faithfully his motto – the way is the goal!

Adriana  Sollberger

Adriana Sollberger is a Swiss, European & World Champion in Thai Boxing and is well versed in Core Health & Fitness product knowledge.

Dani Hawes

Dani is a freelance personal trainer based in Marlow, Buckinghamshire. She has over 7 years’ experience in the fitness industry and has worked at several clubs as a group cycling instructor and personal trainer. Some of Dani’s previous work includes fitness modelling & presenting for GFI training that deliver health and fitness qualifications. Dani has also worked for George Foreman healthy grills, presenting and demonstrating exercises and incorporating the grills into nutrition.

Wayne Gordon

Wayne Gordon famously known as ‘Doom’ in the hit UK TV show GLADIATORS, is a world-class athlete and fitness expert. Wayne’s lifelong love of sports has seen him compete in football, cross country, judo and boxing at club level. Wayne’s biggest achievement of all was competing in the Great Britain Bobsleigh team for seven years; to World Championship level.

For additional information on HIIT programming or information on how to implement a HIIT program within your facility, contact a HIIT Specialist today!


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