More and more people are creating home gyms these days to facilitate flexibility of schedules, access to exercise, and investing more deeply in the health of their families.  

A home that meets the demands of a wellness space, work space and living space and is also aesthetically pleasing requires keen planning and design capabilities 

So, where to start? There are a few key considerations one must address when designing your home gym.

Design for How the Gym Space Will Be Used 

Designing for how you will exercise at home is critical.  

First, you must determine who in the family will utilize the fitness space today and over time. This dedicated home gym needs to support everyone in the household, with diverse training requirements.   

The beauty of creating exercise spaces within the home allows for a more specialized environment to be had. The design must also be flexible enough to adapt as your workout needs shift.   

Employ Aesthetic Fundamentals to Your Space 

The home’s structure, interior design and overall environment should be assessed in order to best develop a space that blends seamlessly while remaining efficient. 

A home gym should never appear sterile or static. Consider for the designated area or room conversion the following: lighting, wall colors, floor coverings and other environmental embellishments for an inspirational and aesthetically pleasing space that compliments your home. Consider how your home gym space will evolve and change as your exercise preferences may grow or modify over time. 

Equipment Selection  

Once the physical limitations and usage requirements of the space have been well accounted for, the next step is to select the most appropriate home gym equipment and accessories. Space constraints can place some unavoidable challenges, but there are often creative design solutions that can be employed. With careful planning and design, your home gym can offer you and your family a great exercise environment that’s convenient and enjoyable. 

Gym Storage is a Must! 

Smart storage is a critical and often overlooked component of a great home gym. Planning for storage that looks as good as it works in organizing your space should begin even before you select your equipment.  There are great choices today includingstorage only solutions or those that will integrate pull up bars or anchor points for various equipment. 

Blog submitted by our partner,FitnessDesignGroup®. FitnessDesignGroup® is a specialized gym design and wellness consultancy that provides exercise based planning guidance for residential and commercial facilities worldwide. Our clients include public & private health clubs, hotels, corporations, property developers, universities, boutique studios, and private residences.

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