Are you ready to elevate your fitness facility with the perfect rig? Throwdown is the solution. Our team guides you through the process of creating dynamic workout experiences that keep people coming back for more. For two decades Throwdown has transformed spaces with customized equipment for engaging group and personal training. At Core, we ask the right questions to give you the tools to make informed decisions.

One Size Does NOT Fit All

“‘Hey, what are you doing with your space, and is this a revenue source?’ When I start the process, it is about understanding, what you have, what are you trying to do, and how you want this to look?’ For example, you may want to put four of these compact rigs side-by-side on a wall, and want the storage built in,” says Tony Gray, Core Health & Fitness Territory Manager. “It’s all individual. So that’s part of the dialogue.”

So, you’ve decided to make a functional training space in your fitness facility, or at least explore the possibility. You might have a designated space designed specifically for some high-intensity training, or you have underutilized, existing space that functional training would maximize with desired HIIT zones. Either way, you’ve come to the right place. Core Health & Fitness is the total solution to outfitting fitness facilities from floor to ceiling.

Tony Gray has been in the fitness industry for more than 20 years and has held a wide range of positions. With Tony’s experience, he has keen insight to make your decision process easy and knows what questions to ask to get you the right answers. Every equipment decision starts with a conversation. With a Throwdown rig, there are a lot of options and configurations so there is quite a bit to talk about. Choosing the right rig that maximizes your training space, accommodates group sizes, and offers customization options is easy with an expert on your side.


Begin with the End in Mind

A Throwdown rig is the heart of a functional training space. With that in mind, Tony jumps to the end game to get a broad look at the final goal. Tony continues, “Every space is unique; maybe you have a rig right now and you want to do a second one or want to improve on the one that you have, or it’s an all-new space. So, I start with the adage, ‘Begin with the end in mind’. I use that to try to help me understand which is the best of all our options for the unique project and tie it back into what it is that you’re trying to accomplish.”

Rigs are often the first piece of equipment requested when creating group training or even fee-based programs. With the customization capability, a rig can be configured to optimize space and built to suit any group size for training sessions. A rig gives you options to transform an underwhelming space into the differentiator members notice on the workout floor.

  • Four Questions to Help Lead You to the Right Equipment:
  • 1. How big is your space?
  • 2. How many people do you want to train at once?
  • 3. Do you want to use barbells, a squat station, etc.?
  • 4. Do you want built-in storage solutions?


The Throwdown Alpha rig and the XTC rig are both great options that can be tailored to your brand and business. The Alpha has a high-end, polished look that makes functional training a welcome component in luxury developments, and the XTC has an industrial look for robust HIIT zones. Both rigs feature 2 by 4-verticals and can be built to order and branded by location.

The configuration of the rig is very telling for Tony; he shares, “A compact rig can be set up to be almost like individual training spots or individual stations within a workout. Say, for example, you would like to consider our 2-by-4 compact rig, that is telling me, ‘Hey, I don’t have a lot of space. I most likely want to have my rig, my storage, and all my stuff in one spot. And I want it to be more station-based,’ like there is primarily one person working out in the station, so a little bit more individualized.”

Storage is an important subject on the fitness floor. With many moving parts and pieces, storage planning is a necessary part of equipment selection. Tony continues, “The 2-by-4 could have a bar, and everything set up on the front side, with another member set up on the backside, and then the same with the four-by-four right next to it. Is space an option, or is it tight? And if we know that you want to have it set up more like individual stations, then the next question is, ‘Do you want your storage part of your rig, or do you want the rig to be open so more people can use it?’ Because, basically, with all the storage built into the back, only one person can really be using it at a time. If I take off all that storage and go with the stand-alone storage options, I can open up the rig as a multi-user station.”

Creating the Vision

Of course, aesthetics is always a focal point in design. The first thing we notice is how something looks. Tony says, “Having an understanding of what you have, what you are trying to do, and how you want this to look is what we use to create the vision. For example, you may want to put four of these compact rigs side by side against a wall and have storage built in and your classes are going to work like small group training sessions; each person with their own rack lined up, like I’m coaching four people all in different ways. And then I can multiply my numbers by just adding a few pieces of cardio. Next to the rigs, I can add four rowers, and now all of a sudden, I can double my roster. ‘While you’re in the rack, another person is on the rower, and then in six minutes, y’all switch.’ And then we went from being able to train four people in that room to eight people instantly just by adding four rowers, and this is very affordable in the grand scheme of things.”

Ultimately, a Throwdown rig opens up training possibilities, giving users on-trend fitness experiences that build engagement in your facility. The multi-faceted rig is made to meet the dynamics of your space and clientele. To continue this conversation and explore how to make the rig work in your space connect with us today to set up a consultation and let us build out your vision.

Alisa Maloney is the Marketing Content Specialist for Core Health & Fitness. As a communication professional, Alisa seeks out new opportunities to hone her craft. "I love the creative use of words in language to build stories and create relationships," says Alisa; "a word is worth a thousand images." Alisa spends her free time with her family and enjoys visiting places where sandals are the most prevalent footwear. 

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