At Core our promise is to maximize customer delight. It is our job to go above and beyond to create memorable customer experiences and surpass our customers’ expectations to create strong relationships and build lifelong brand advocates. By delivering world-class customer service we take care of our customers every step of the way through their Core experience. 

We know how vitally critical customer delight is to our business. We measure that with the Net Promoter Score (NPS,) which has grown into the leading global tool for measuring customer satisfaction. We have had a strong organizational focus on tracking NPS and are proud to announce that we’ve held an industry-leading score of 66 for year-to-date 2020. In fact, our current NPS score for the second quarter is 74, putting Core with the best of global and well-known breeds such as Apple, Amazon, Costco, Ritz Carlton, and so on.  

“We’re so proud of the commitment our global teams have shown in superbly serving our customers. Although the world has been faced with many challenges and our industry is sure to continue doing so in the future, our commitment is stronger than ever to deliver delight throughout your journey,” said Jason Leone, President of Core Health & Fitness.    

As to some background on the surveys themselves, NPS scores are solicited via both transactional and relational surveys. The transactional surveys are sent upon immediate completion of customer interaction to get real-time, immediate feedback throughout the process. Those occur after product is installed at a facility, after any support call and after any site- visitOther relational surveys are sent throughout the year to get high-level feedback regarding the overall ability to deliver on our customer promise. 

In either format, the feedback received helps us to evaluate our service efficiency. Support is more than just something we offer, it’s something we are passionate about. From the very first interaction with our brands and products and through the lifespan of a product, we are dedicated to offering top-level support for whatever your need. In the end, our goal is to keep your facility operating at maximum capacity with little equipment downtime. 

Work with us and find out why our customers are giving us the highest NPS rating in the industry. 

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