Global Health, Wellness and Fitness Company Cultivates Strategic Alliance with Mexico Based Fitness Provider, Windsor Fitness

Vancouver, WA October 23, 2019 — Core Health & Fitness is proud to announce its alliance with Mexico based fitness company, Windsor Fitness, to support the growing demand for high quality fitness equipment in the Mexican market. This new alliance names Core and Windsor as exclusive distributors of the iconic fitness brands StairMaster, Nautilus, Schwinn and Star Trac.

“We are excited to have such a fine partner to represent our brands in Mexico,” said Tim Hawkins, Global Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Core. “Windsor is made up of quality people that know the value of partnership and branding. We have very aligned strategies that will propel our business in Mexico and provide an amazing experience for members.”

The partnership was announced at the first ever Winscore event, which gave attendees the opportunity to witness these brands in action. Master Instructors Aranau Canet and José Luis Sanz presented live training demonstrations utilizing the innovative Schwinn indoor cycling bikes and the intense StairMaster HIIT products.

The global fitness market continues to steadily increase, with statistics proving that this growth will only continue to increase into 2023. Now more than ever, gyms are overflowing with individuals looking to increase their physical fitness levels. To capitalize on this ever-growing trend, Core and Windsor have come together to outfit fitness facilities with innovative, technologically advanced equipment in order to play a key role in building the future of the fitness industry.

“We have a wide catalog of reliable, intelligently designed products that allow owners to have safe and high-quality products to integrate within their facilities,” said Hawkins.

In addition to providing facilities with state-of-the-art equipment, Core Health & Fitness and Windsor Fitness will provide service, workshops and continuing education training in each of the four brands represented. Facilities will have access to a broad range of programming that includes High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) brought to you by the StairMaster brand and indoor cycling certifications brought to you by the Schwinn brand.

Carlos Rosales, General Director of Windsor Fitness says, “Core Health & Fitness allows us to offer a comprehensive offer for gyms of all kinds, whether traditional, specialized in Indoor Cycling or focused on High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) circuits.”

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