Core Health & Fitness continues to expand the portfolio of services available through Core Connect with the introduction of the online paid services quotation feature.  

We know that keeping your equipment in optimal condition is essential to minimize downtime and prolonging the life of your equipment is our top priority. This new feature offers you the opportunity to deliver a top-quality customer experience for your members through exciting new service packages. Our industry leading Premium Extended Warranty and Preventative Maintenance packages allow you to manage your service costs throughout the year to ensure your equipment remains in top condition.  

The quotation tool is designed for ease of use and enables you to fully understand the benefits of preventative maintenance, the costs savings of extended warranties, and gives you the ability to create your own tailormade service package that suits the needs of you and your members, ranging from our all-inclusive top of the line extended warranty & preventative maintenance packages to our standard packages. 

“This new feature puts the power of choice into our customers hands,” says Carl Hitchman, Director of Customer Service for Core Health & Fitness in EMEA. 

Start taking control of your maintenance, costs, and most importantly the level of service your customers deserve by heading to Core Connect to explore the paid service options.  

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