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Star Trac 10TRx Free Runner

Star Trac - 10 Series - 10TRx - 19in Embedded - Black 60

The FreeRunner treadmill is a revolutionary new indoor running experience. The heart of this new experience is the patent-pending HexDeck System, featuring an aluminum deck supported by a proprietary, hexagonal polymer suspension system. The result is unprecedented cushion and responsiveness, for a feel that test users describe as “buttery,” “easy on the joints” and “like running on a track.” More information →




Nautilus Freedom Trainer

Nautilus - HumanSport - Freedom Trainer - 26 Carbon Fiber

The NEW Nautilus Freedom Trainer is so simple, intuitive and natural that it feels as if it were custom-built for each and every user. This cable-based machine offers user-defined path of motion, intuitive lock-n-load dual weight stacks and is wheelchair accessible. It is ideal for functional training and occupies a mere 9.5 FT (290 CM) training space. More information →




StairMaster 10G

StairMaster - 10 Series - 10G - 15in Embedded - Black 60The StairMaster 10G marks a revolutionary shift in stair-climbing technology. The innovative new design features the OverDrive Training Mode that simulates carrying or pushing a load up stairs, for the most intense climbing workout. The 10G’s advancements all focus on delivering the best climbing experience ever created. User-focused features include the widest and deepest stepping surface and lowest step-up height in the industry, ergonomic handrails to support multiple climbing positions and an all new drive train that delivers smooth, quiet performance. More information →