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When you set out to build something, the finished product is only as strong as its foundation. At Core Health & Fitness we aim to provide our partners a foundation backed by the strongest brands in the industry. Four iconic brands that pioneered entire categories, and whose machines are still the ones members ask for by name. Today, we’re committed to building on that legacy by providing the best products and programs in every category – and that’s greatness you can feel good about building on.

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    TRIB3 and Core Health & Fitness Announce a Multi-Year Relationship to Expand TRIB3 Franchise Globally

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    Rukus Cycling Studios e Core Health & Fitness anuncia um relacionamento plurianual, criando uma experiência de ciclismo interna exclusiva e personalizada

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    Core Health & Fitness revela equipamentos de ginástica compatíveis com GymKit

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    Core Health & Fitness anuncia nova parceria entre a Schwinn & 4iiii® – O novo casal POWER

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Featured Products.

10TRx FreeRunner™ Treadmill

Model 10TRx

The FreeRunner™ treadmill is a revolutionary new indoor running experience. The heart of this new experience is the patent-pending HexDeck System, featuring an aluminum deck supported by a proprietary, hexagonal polymer suspension system. The result is unprecedented cushion and responsiveness, for a feel that test users describe as... read more


  • • Revolutionary new patented HexDeck technology features an aluminum running deck, supported by a proprietary, hexagonal polymer suspension system that creates a treadmill with unprecedented cushion and responsiveness
  • • Easily accessible Hot Bar® is located closer to the user with one-finger speed and elevation controls, integrated stop button and contact heart rate grips
  • • 20% max incline | 15 mph max speed
  • • 21.5″ (54.6 cm) wide belt
  • • 9” (23 cm) step-up height
  • • User weight capacity of 500 lbs (227 kg)
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HIIT Rower


COMPLETE YOUR CIRCUIT WITH THE NEW HIIT ROWER The NEW StairMaster HIIT Rower by Core Health & Fitness is the newest member of the StairMaster HIIT family of products featuring the HIITMill X, HIITMill, HIIT Bike, HIIT UBE and BoxMaster. This family of HIIT products builds the... read more


  • • Isokinetic fan resistance offers unlimited workout options, while fan dampening system allows for increased or decreased workloads at a given stroke rate
  • • Console features traditional rowing metrics and quick set programming for HIIT routines when bundled with other StairMaster HIIT products featuring this consoles
  • • Water bottle and accessory holder located under foot plates for safe storage
  • • Easy storage while not in use with vertical position or by disconnecting at center point
  • • User weight 500 lbs as tested by CORE / 350 lbs as tested per EN 20957-7
  • • Power two C cell batteries or an optional external power supply can be ordered
  • • User Console StairMaster HIIT console
  • • Drive Train Nickel plated steel chain
  • • Construction Aluminum and Steel
  • • Electrostatic Powder Coating for long lasting durability
  • • Warranty: 10 year structural frame / 2 years parts / 1 year labor
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AC™ Power

Model 9-7300

ENERGIA REAL RESULTADOS REAIS Equipadas com todas as melhores características das bicicletas indoor de nível superior da Schwinn, as novas bikes AC Power levam sua experiência de ciclismo autêntico a um nível totalmente novo com o incrivelmente preciso powermeter 4iiii®, o novo console Echelon2G e um... read more


  • • Opções personalizáveis disponíveis com pintura de quadro, decalques e acessórios
  • • Carbon Blue Tranmissão dentada resistente para uma experiência autêntica de ciclismo
  • • Freio com resistência magnética, não precisa de manutenção da transmissão.
  • • 4iiii® oferece um feedback de potência preciso para ajudar os usuários a treinar com mais força e de maneira mais inteligente
  • • O gerador a bordo alimenta o console Echelon2G sem baterias
  • • Pedais Morse Taper para maior durabilidade e confiabilidade
  • • Guidão Performance Plus projetado ergonomicamente para reduzir a pressão em posições de desempenho
  • • O Fit System Schwinn® permite ajustes versáteis dos assentos e guidões para um posicionamento refinado
  • • Acabamento do quadro com revestimento de alumínio em pó
  • • Assento Slider e guidão em alumínio
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Glute Drive

Model NP-L1131

Inspired by the increasing trend of glute exercises seen in various and dangerous executions in the gyms today, the Nautilus Glute Drive piece safely and smartly isolates your glutes, building power through a strong hip bridge motion, creating sexy glutes, improved hip and core stability. These benefits... read more


  • • Upper body pivot bench provides full spinal stabilization and support
  • • Heavy reinforced padded waist harness provides optimal lifting application
  • • Oversized angled foot platform to accommodate users of all sizes
  • • Dual sided safety catch and release mechanism for ease of use
  • • Bottom dropout safety stop
  • • 360 lbs max load capacity
  • • Integrated resistance band pegs for modification of load curve
  • • Commercial Grade dual pivot bearings
  • • 3mm Wall thickness industrial grade steel
  • • Delrin coated protective wear surfaces on heavy contact and load points
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Model 9-4680

AND YOU THOUGHT OUR STAIRS WERE TOUGH From the makers of the toughest workouts in the gym, comes the HIITMill & HIITMill X. Unlike a standard treadmill, these machines are self-powered speed and strength training tools designed to build explosive power when used in a High-Intensity Interval... read more


  • • NEW brake system for improved resistance adjustment
  • • Multi-grip hand positioning with Water bottle and phone holder
  • • Magnetic resistance brake with resistance control lever
  • • Extra-WIDE 23” belt width for lateral training and max stability under load
  • • Self-powered walking, running and pushing
  • • Portable design
  • • Accessory attachment points (straps and tubing not included)
  • • Farmer’s Carry lift arms (HIITMill X only)
  • • 3mm cushioned turf belt compatible with plastic field cleats
  • • HIIT console with easy to read backlit display, Bluetooth & ANT+ connectivity, and programmable time, distance, calories, time interval, and calorie interval programs
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Nautilus Half Rack with SVA Platform

Model 9-HDHR2 | 9HDP6D

IMPROVED VERSATILITY. REDUCED SPACE. The sturdy and versatile Nautilus Half Rack is built to accommodate a wide range of exercises, movements and users from beginner to professional athlete. The open-front design lets users move freely and allows for the use of a variety of benches. The optional... read more


  • • Optional SVA Platform was designed with absorption characteristics to cut down on sound, vibration and bar bounce
  • • Integrated multi-grip pull up station
  • • Deep J-Hook style bar catch keeps bars from bouncing out while protective inserts prevent damage
  • • Many add-ons available including bumper plate storage, wood platform and band pegs
  • • Platform protects floors and allows for correct performance characteristics while lifting
  • • Optional Bumper Plate Floor Storage (9-HDCS1) 11 in x 28 in x 9 in (28 cm x 71 cm x 23 cm) / unit weight: 30 lbs (13.6 kg)
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8TRx Treadmill

Model 8TRx

When designing the new 8TRx, we started with the most solid foundation you could have, more than 20 years of treadmill superiority. And while most would have been content in making subtle improvements to an already proven design, we set out to create the ultimate marriage of user... read more


  • • Choose between 10", 15" & LCD versions of the new OpenHub family of consoles
  • • Star Trac Coach® is available on 15” embedded screens and provides over 1 million possible workouts, ensuring a different workout every time–taking the ordinary treadmill experience to a new level of engagement never seen before
  • • 8TRx LCD console features a unique quick keys for speed and elevation control
  • • Bluetooth connectivity for user workout data tracking
  • • Telemetry and contact HR
  • • USB charging port
  • • HDMI streaming available with PVS and 15" display
  • • Multiple cup and accessory holders
  • • LCD and 10" displays pre-wired for 8 Series PVS entertainment, 800/900mHZ receivers, and tablet holder
  • • Easily accessible Hot Bar® is located closer to the user with one-finger speed and elevation controls, integrated stop button and contact heart rate grips
  • • Star Trac’s popular personal fans create a more rewarding workout
  • • Soft Trac® triple cell cushioning system provides maximum shock absorption making the entire deck a sweet spot
  • • 20% max incline | 15 mph max speed
  • • 21.5” (54.6 cm) wide belt
  • • 10”(25.4 cm) step-up height
  • • User weight capacity of 500 lb(227 kg)
  • • Lighter weight aluminum frame
  • • 5 HP AC motor
  • • 60" x 21.5" (152 cm x 54.6 cm) running surface
  • • Electrical requirements: 110V/20 Amp dedicated circuit with NEMA 5-20 outlet; or 220V/15 Amp dedicated circuit with NEMA 6-15 outlet
  • • Lighter weight, corrosion-resistant aluminum frame
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Gauntlet 8G

Model 8G

CONHEÇA A MÁQUINA QUE TODA ACADEMIA QUER Começando com o primeiro stepping machine em 1983, a StairMaster® tem sido um nome lendário. Hoje a tradição continua com o Gauntlet ®. Com base em 30 anos de experiência e desempenho comprovado, o Gauntlet ® oferece uma combinação superior... read more


  • • Escolha entre as versões de 10", 15" e LCD da nova família de consoles OpenHub
  • •Inclui o Programa Landmark Challenge, bem como programas de console padrão. Programas espartanos estão disponíveis em telas integradas de 10 ”e 15”
  • • O programa Landmark Challenge permite aos usuários escalar marcos conhecidos de todo o mundo, como a Torre Eiffel, a Estátua da Liberdade e o Taj Mahal. Programas de console padrão também estão incluídos
  • • O alternador, freio e corrente de acionamento controlados eletronicamente controlam com precisão a velocidade da escada, permitindo que uma ampla gama de usuários se exercite suavemente dentro de suas zonas de conforto.
  • • Hot bar com botão de parada, frequência cardíaca e controle de nível
  • • Escada giratória com oito degraus, 20 cm de altura, 23 cm de profundidade e 56 cm de largura
  • • Taxa de passo: 24-162 steps per minute
  • • Os programas de treinamento SPARTAN em telas de 10 "e 15" oferecem aos usuários a oportunidade de irem a outro nível
  • • Conectividade Bluetooth para monitoramento de dados de treino do usuário
  • • Telemetria e contato com RH
  • • Porta de carregamento USB
  • • Streaming HDMI disponível com PVS e tela de 15"
  • • Suportes de copos e acessórios múltiplos
  • • Os ventiladores pessoais criam um treino mais agradável
  • • Displays LCD e 10" preparados para o 8 Série PVS, receptores 800/900mHZ e suporte para tablet
  • • Requisitos elétricos: fonte de alimentação 12V/5 Amp
  • • Uniframe de aço com revestimento em pó
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