Out of Australia comes an exciting and unique fitness trend that mixes two popular and effective fitness training modalities, cycling and boxing. Developed by professional boxer and inventor Rai Fazio, the 45-minute class called “Box & Bike” is led by a skilled instructor and has the class alternate between rounds of cardio on a traditional indoor cycling bike and boxing with the help of the BoxMaster, a unique boxing style conditioning machine developed by Rai and produced by StairMaster.

Box & Bike is taught out of Rai Fazio’s Queen St Gym in Australia, a stunning and authentic feeling underground boxing gym that has seen a boom in popularity since its inception. “Box & Bike will be celebrating its third birthday in June with a client base of over 500,” explained Fazio. “We are so lucky, most of our members have been with us from day one, the space really does feel like home.”

The BoxMaster features numbered pads on spring arms simulating a focus mit and allows the user to throw any punch or combination. Box & Bike’s utilization of indoor cycling bikes and BoxMaster encourages participation and allows one instructor to teach multiple people simultaneously. This style of conditioning gives users a full body workout and offers them flexibility to adjust to a pace that works for them, allowing for Box & Bike to appeal to a wide audience.

“We have whole families that train together, members from 7 years old to 75 and the great thing about these classes is the ability to tailor the workouts to fit everyone,” said Fazio. “It doesn’t matter your age, height, fitness level, each workout can be adjusted to the individual, this is particularly important for those working around injuries. The client is driving the workout, using the intensity and pace that they’re comfortable with, whilst being supported by the trainers.”

Although the core of Box & Bike is the merging of boxing and cycling conditioning, there is a fair amount of variety from class to class. Participants can expect an assortment of different exercises used during active recovery rounds of their workout.

“The trainers bring their own style and fighting background into the classes they take, meaning the workouts are always changing,” Fazio expanded. “One class could see you in cycle sessions for your active recovery and the next will have you doing sit-ups and planks. That’s the great thing about the way the classes are formatted, the variety allows you to take four or five classes in the week and not one will be the same.”

Beyond their unique programming, Bike & Box also offers an outstanding professional staff with a unique dynamic that adds to the authenticity and atmosphere of Queen St Gym.

“We are really unique in that all of our trainers have virtually grown up training together,” Fazio explained. “The guys I have running the Box & Bike classes have been fighting since they were young and so I know the technique and the passion they bring to every class is 100%. You’ve got real boxers teaching you how to throw a punch, how to stand and how to move.”

Lastly, Fazio expressed his personal attitude toward the role of his facility and the importance of using the gym as a center to build community as well as health. “Even as the business continues to grow I’ve been careful to make sure we’re not losing track of what I wanted to create when I first opened,” Fazio stated. “No matter how busy it is there’s always time for an espresso and a chat before class starts.”

Learn more about Box & Bike at boxandbike.com.au


Rai Fazio

  • Boxing champion/ filmmaker/inventor
  • Inventor/designer of BoxMaster®
  • Owner of Queen Street Gym and successful Bike & Box concept


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