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What is the key to member success in an indoor cycling class? As an equipment company, you may expect that our answer would be the bikes themselves. However, even we know that the instructors are the magic that brings equipment to life, ignites a room and keeps members coming back day after day. These passionate leaders are what elevate equipment from good to great through dedicated class curation and unbeatable instruction. For this reason, our newest addition to the Schwinn collection are bikes built with the instructor in mind. No matter what feeling your studio brings, there is a new Schwinn bike that will elevate both the member and instructor experience.

The Schwinn X & Z Bikes are designed with authenticity and inspiration in mind. These bikes give instructors the freedom to create tailored classes that make their vision come to life, while delivering the authenticity riders demand. With unique features and incentives, each bike has the capability to take indoor cycling classes to the next level. Whether the class takes place in a dedicated studio or in a shared space, these bikes will transform the class into a high intensity, engaging space to drive success.

“The instructor community has been tirelessly adapting their crafts and keeping their rider communities engaged during the pandemic, so we’re particularly proud to support them with this launch,” said Ashley Thorne, Director of Group Cycles and Sustainability at Core Health & Fitness.

“We went to some of the best indoor cycling coaches in the world, the Schwinn Master Instructor Team,” said Becky Muck, Global Education Manager at Core Health & Fitness. “We asked them if they could create the ultimate bike for instructors and riders, what features would it have and why. The result of that collaboration is the X and Z Bikes.”

If your instructors love to keep score, the Schwinn Z Bike is ideal for your studio. Instructors can choose from different zone modes – FTP, Heart Rate or Rhythm – to develop unique class plans based on member goals and create diversity between classes. Zone training allows members to feel the same intensity at their own fitness level; meaning members of all levels can hit zones together and feel accomplished at the end of classes. LED lights on the forks of the bike allow members to show off the zone they are in so the class can ride as one and hit their goals. Members won’t miss a beat in class when tasked to “meet or beat” their previous stage, thanks to built-in functionality that records the previous stage. Compatibility with wearable user technology such as smart watches and heart rate monitors enables members to track success and watch long term goals get crushed.

Z Console Tap To Pair
The Zone Console on the Z Bike is the first commercial indoor cycle bike enabled with GymKit to pair with Apple Watch, which syncs data with compatible cardio equipment, providing you with more accurate information about your workout!

“This bike is a gamechanger!” said Lou Atkinson, Lead Schwinn Master Instructor. “It brings so many new opportunities to connect with your members – every club, every coach and every rider will be blown away by what it can do for them. There are so many reasons to love the Z Bike from the sleek design, neon lights and connectivity to the flexibility and number of coaching tools the bike provides.”

The Schwinn X Bike invites gym members on the cardio floor, hotel guests, and multi-unit housing residents to bring your own experience to support the rapid growth of fitness apps and virtual content. Without a console, it also invites cycling class members to make personal connections distraction-free.

With both the Schwinn X & Z Bike, you have the option to choose which belt style fits the needs of your members more. The Carbon belt delivers authenticity to the experience that your riders demand as the hum of crushing goals fills the room. On the other hand, the smooth feel of the PolyV belt keeps the bikes quiet and allows your instructor’s playlist to set the vibe. These belts were designed with performance in mind so no matter which belt your facility selects, you can rest assured that the bike was thoughtfully built to last.

In addition to selecting which bike meets your facility needs best, you also have the option to customize the frame accessories to meet all utility and aesthetic demands. Choose between colors and branding placement to build the vibe you want with the equipment your members need. Add-ons to either bike such as dumbbell racks can expand the opportunities for instructors to get creative with their classes. Optional bike number plates can extend the life of the product by rotating it in the room to balance usage. Our durable, threadless Morse Taper comes standard on all pedals, but you can choose the best clip-in style for the riders at your facility (cages, SPD, Delta, or Keo).

We hope whichever bike suits your facility best will expand your member base, inspire your instructors and drive success. Now more than ever people crave the support of community and we’ve been reminded how impactful instructors and group fitness classes truly are.

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